Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Holocaust Hustle

"Your" tax dollars at work !

$200 Billion Dollar Holocaust Bill In US Congress

More Info -


US citizens pay $46.8 million annually for European holocaust museum

Act of 2007

What the "Holocaust" Industry doesn't want
known, this Is what the ADL seeks to censor with
"Hate speech" legislation. Why do they seek to
censor and criminalize the questioning
of the "Holocaust", If It Is truly 100% factual ? -

A look at the real Auschwitz

Why the schools dumb down students In regards
to history amongst other subjects. Uneducated
populations fall for propaganda easily. But those
who know the actual history of WW II see -

Whoops - Another Ridiculous
Holocaust Fairy Tale

The Gold Train left Budapest in May of 1945. By May
of 1945 the Allies controlled all of Europe. The
Germans surrendered on May 7th, 1945. Budapest had
been under Russian control for five months

How could the Nazi's manage this feat with the
Soviets In control of Hungary ??!!

The Gold Train Legend

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