Monday, February 18, 2008

Zionist Media And More Gun Confiscation Propaganda

Corporate Media Begins Gun Control Mantra
Kurt Nimmo

Now that a mental case has accomplished yet another dastardly deed at a
gun-free zone on an American campus, the corporate media is pulling out all
the stops and calling for “gun control,” that is to say the squashing of the
Second Amendment.

As a primary example, consider Andrea Mitchell, CFR member and wife of
Alan Greenspan, the man who presided over the destruction of the U.S.
economy. Guest co-anchoring MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Mitchell introduced
gun control and the Bradys into the discussion about the violence at NIU:

ANDREA MITCHELL: You know, it does bring to mind all the debates
we’ve had over the years about gun control. I remember covering it on
the Hill in the ’80s. Of course I know the Bradys and all the efforts they
made, and it eventually persuaded Ronald Reagan to switch his position
on gun control and depart from what was traditional conservative
Republican ideology. And gun control is not yet a big issue in this
campaign, but you wonder: Barack Obama is a senator from
Illinois. Maybe this will become propelled to the front of the –


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