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The Debased Disney Legacy Under Zionist Eisner

Zionist Michael Eisner

Assault Against Christianity

Under Eisner, the Disney company has waged a "cultural war" against
Christianity, scorning the religious sensibilities of the vast majority
of Americans.

In a 1995 statement, the American Catholic Lawyers Association
indignantly declared

We all remember the Disney Company from the days when
it produced films your children could actually watch without
losing their innocence - films which showed a decent respect
for Christianity and Christian values. But that was before Mr.
Michael Eisner took the helm of the Disney conglomerate. Now
the Disney Company has joined the rest of Hollywood in
obsessively attacking the Catholic Church and pumping
R-rated filth into our culture - under cover of its subsidiary,
Miramax Films, whose co-chairmen are Bob and Harvey

A particularly offensive example of the Eisner/Disney assault is
"Priest," a 1995 motion picture released by the company's Miramax
subsidiary. It tells the story of four Roman Catholic clergymen: one
is homosexual, another is alcoholic, a third has a mistress, and the
fourth is insane.

One of the strongest voices protesting this movie, and Disney's
anti-Christian productions generally, has been that of the Catholic
League for Religious and Civil Rights, a New York-based civil rights
organization. "Priest," said League president William Donahue,
"displays the most profound hostility to the Catholic Church that
I have seen in the last 15 years of reviewing movies." Eisner,
Donahue added, would never approve a film that similarly portrays
depraved Jewish rabbis or morally bankrupt homosexuals, or which
contains cruel caricatures of African-Americans.


Reflecting the Zionist sentiments of its top management, the
Eisner-run Disney company has produced a number of anti-Arab
motion pictures in recent years. In a 1994 movie, "The Return of
Jafar," for example, hook-nosed Arabs are referred to as "desert
skunks." "The Father of the Bride, Part II" (1995), includes a
loathsome Arab-American character named Habib (played,
ironically, by Eugene Levy). "Kazaam" (1996), produced by
Disney's Touchstone pictures, includes an assortment of villainous
Arab characters, including a black marketer named Malik. Other
recent anti-Arab Disney films include "In the Army Now"
and "GI Jane".

In August 1996 the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
organized a demonstration outside the Disney studios to protest
the company's pattern of anti-Arab productions.

White America Under Fire

For some years now, Hollywood and American television have
churned out numerous films and television productions that distort
European-American history and disparage white America's
racial-cultural heritage. Under Eisner, Disney has moved to the
forefront of this "politically correct" assault.

Among the recent Disney films that misrepresent and malign
America's European heritage has been "Pocahontas," a 1995
animated film that portrays Indians ("native Americans") as
liberated, nature-loving, wise and noble, while depicting Europeans
as narrow-minded, ignorant, bigoted and greedy

Under the "Hollywood Records" label, Eisner/Disney has issued
CD albums with anti-white lyrics, including one by black "rap"
singer "Prince Akeem," who blames black poverty on a "white
conspiracy". In April 1996 Eisner fired New York City's most
popular radio talk show host, Bob Grant, from his job at
Disney-owned WABC for allegedly white racist rhetoric.

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