Saturday, February 23, 2008

More Special Justice For " A Chosen One"

What Is left of the once beautiful young woman
Goldstein threw Into a subway train. But to
Jews "Goyim" lives are worthless.

Andrew Goldstein gets to serve his time In a psych
ward. The "Chosen Ones"face a different legal system
than the "Goyim" (Non-Jew "human cattel").

He Hated Women

He came up behind this 'Skiksas', picked her up, and
threw her into a subway train. On the first trial in
1999, he was only charged with murder-two. Goldstein
denied he did it, and two fellow Zionists hung the
jury, and he received a mistrial. He then had a
second trial, he was convicted, and in 2006
that verdict was overturned.

Andrew Goldstein

He threw a girl in front of a train, and had every
rich Zio-lawyer in New York wanting his
case. He winds up with a mis-trial, then
a second trial where he was convicted of
second degree murder, finally the NY supreme
court overturned his case, and he plea
bargained for manslaughter.

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