Monday, February 18, 2008

The ADL Wants To Disarm Americans

The ADL wants to confiscate the American peoples firearms

Just like they took away the representation of the American people

Are Gun Owners Waking Up?

The Zionists want to portray gun owners as nuts, conspiracy
theorists, and take their guns away. The fact is that guns act as
protection, whether it is against home invasion, or a women
assaulted in a parking lot. The next step is militias, and their
purpose is to defend against a state gone wild.

A Zionist Elected Sheriff

According to Mr. Lewy and Mr. Foxman, it appears that the local
sheriff or governor should determine if we have the right to
bear arms.

Here Is Another Reason

I am not going to give up my firearms so that a bunch of thugs like
these Blackwater goons can tell me where to live. I ain't forgetting
when the casino owners sent their hired killers into New Orleans to
throw the blacks out.

What Is The Real Fear Here?

The truth be told is that the Zionists fear that their plot's of money,
oil, race wars, judicial control, and general 'Nation wrecking' is
uncovered, and the populace revolts. In 1917, the Bolsheviks did this
to Russia, but the populace did not have the communication systems
necessary for an armed resistance.

This is 2008, and an organized resistance leading a grassroots
election recall, if vote fraud were found, could establish laws and
punishments. The formation of 'Re-education Camps' versus a
crazed vengeful populace would actually be welcome by Zionists.


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