Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Website Full Of Jewish "Chutzpah"

A Website that brags of Jewish "superiority" In culture
and In arts and entertainment. And they also have links
to so they can make $$$. Talk about walking
right Into their own Ethnic "stereotype", as they call It.

Do they ever get sick of their shameless self promotion
and bragging ? About boasting of their so-called
superiority ?

A look at what they have to say -

The Jewish People represent just one fifth of one percent
(that's 1/500) of the human race. They are but one of many
small groups of people with their own culture, language and
homeland. One would expect that they should hardly be heard
of - except perhaps a brief mention in a small multi-cultural
footnote of a high school geography book.

This is obviously far from the case. Jews are at the center of
every creative, scientific, cultural, political, ideological movement
and endeavor. Jews are over-represented as Nobel Prize
recipients, winning at least 20% (that's 1/5) of all awards given
to date. Jews founded Hollywood, and are today the dominant
cultural influence in television, radio, cinema, journalism and
theater in America and elsewhere. Jews are over-represented
in all forms of medicine, in all the professions, in every sport, in
modeling and fashion, in law-enforcement and the military, in
political sex scandals, in new-age religion... In almost everything
that represents the free world and all of its trappings, Jews
are there.

In fact, should there ever be an antisemite who has the courage
and conviction to boycott everything Jewish, he would be
immediately knocked back to the dark ages. It must be difficult
to be an antisemite these days relying as they must on Jewish
technologies, Jewish doctors and accountants, their favorite
music, movies, books and clothes created with significant Jewish
involvement, and their very lives and health relying on Jewish
medical science. Antisemites are condemned from the start to
always being hypocrites. ( How Is this any different than
Racial supremacy Ideologies that Jews Bitch and
moan about ?)

Doesn't the arrogance make you sick ? At the same time though, It
will also lead to their downfall.

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