Friday, April 18, 2008

The Zionist Governments Texas Raid

A Zionist Government goon soldier ready to
murder civilians If ordered to.

Americans that refuse to play ball and
conform to their twisted society are
enemies. The police now have
military APC's to
use on American
citizens. Terrorists aren't the enemy
these clowns, the American people are.

The moron that made the fake "16 year old rape
victim " call. This piece of trash set It all In motion.

Who Made The Initial Call That Provoked The Raid

Flora Jessop, who the FLDS rejected, is the outspoken
critic of polygamist practices, says she thinks she may
have talked to Rozita Swinton on the phone.

The Colorado Springs police arrested 33-year-old
Rozita Swinton at her home on Wednesday on a
charge of false reporting to authorities.

The "Rape Victim Caller" Rozita Swinton

"In her little baby voice, she said, 'If you rescue me, and
I get out of here, do you think the black people will hurt
me?' " Walker said. "She had done her homework. She
knew it was a racist cult (To them anyone that
wants to live outside of this sick society Is
racist = another Zionist media propaganda
stereotype. Racist Is a trigger word. It
gets the brainwashed to
condemn someone or something as evil,
without even bothering to decide for
). We know that these kids are very
frightened of black people (Say the Zionists
media= another example of
their defamation
propaganda. The brainwashed will swallow
this up and condemn FLDS as monsters

"The Texas Rangers told us she was obsessed with
the FLDS. They confiscated tons of material on the
FLDS (in the search of Swinton's home). She even
gave real addresses and real names of FLDS people."

I knew this Bullshit was orchestrated as an excuse
to raid the
Mormon sect. And now some Idiotic Bitch
has been arrested for false
reporting. The "16 year old
rape victim" was fake. Anyone who knows the
Zionist media for what It Is knew this. They are
liars, why do some of you still trust their words ?

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