Monday, April 14, 2008

You Are Not Allowed To Live Outside Of The Zionist Jew System

Jew employed police thugs detaining and bullying
women and children. The story of the 16 year old
"rape" victim Is horse Shit. Zionists pull this same
Shit with everyone that wants to live outside of their
system of oppression. The Jewish media has
already set the stage defaming the Mormon
settlement. So most Americans now think that they
are evil.

How did the 16 year old get the number to the
family crisis center ? The media portrays
the Women of the compound of having no
means of leaving or comunicating with
the outside world. How would she know of
a local family crisis center If according to the
media, she knew nothing of the outside world. As
usual It Just doesn't add up. And also take
Into consideration that the ZIO-PIGS were
itching for four years to find a reason to raid
them. They manufactured one, because you are
not allowed to live outside of the Zionist Jew caste
system of "Chosen One"(Jews) and "Human
Chattel"(Non-Jews). That Is why every group that
tries Is raided, murdered, or slandered In their
media. So the rest of the" Chattel "stays
In line out of fear and the media induced
propaganda ,that those who want to live outside
of the grid are demented mentally and sexually . Same
Shit as Ruby Ridge and Waco, just a different group.
They portrayed Weaver as and his family
as homicidal racists, they portrayed Koresh as a
delusional Messiah and rapist, and
now they slander the Mormons as rapists.

Zionist Jew media reporting again, 1st
rule = slander any enemy or threat
to our agenda.

Please view the link below-

Who The Fuck Do These People Think They Are?

What gives them the right to send in Rangers,
ATF, and FBI to arrest 412 children, and their
mothers? Then they stick them in a
warehouse, while some token Jewess
judge decides who they can live with.

These are the same 'Human Garbage',
the ADL,General Jakob Nemerovsky Clark,
and the Yenta Hillary,
that incinerated the kids
at Waco. Which was really a gun thing, not
just religious, and was seed work
for the OKC bombing.

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