Monday, April 14, 2008

The Satanic Zionist War On Germans

The Baphomet Conspiracy And
The Laboratory Of Fear

How Satanic Zionists and the German Secret
Service Use Psychological Terror and Assassination
to Silence German Patriots and Prevent the
Restoration of the True German Government
By Michael James in Germany

Martina Pflock was an attractive, middle-aged woman
who had high hopes for her inquisitive and energetic
eight-year-old daughter. She had a remarkable vision
of the future and, having stumbled upon knowledge
legally accessible to ordinary people but deliberately
obscured by the ruling caste, she shared what she knew
with others and gave hope to a town ravaged by government
corruption. The year was 2004.

Martina, who was surprised to find she had a gift for
public speaking, had found herself pushed to the
forefront of a local campaign in Friedrichroda against
municipal price gouging on the treatment of wastewater
and sewage. She discovered something else that is readily
admitted by constitutional lawyers and reluctantly
acknowledged by nervous government officials. The
Federal Republic of Germany (BRD), devised by
the post-war occupying authorities in the western
sector as a corporate settlement agency not designed
to replace the pre-Hitler German Reich of 1918,
had, following re-unification, legally expired on 18
July 1990 by dint of an international treaty, just
three months before the official reunification of West and East
Germany. [1]

She quickly realised that Germans were living in a state
that simply did not exist; that none of the officials she was
fighting had any right to govern; that only the pre-Weimar
German Reich had the legal authority to raise taxes and not
the BRD; that all of the laws of the land were constitutionally
invalid. The German people, if only they learned the
truth, were free. [2]

The more she learned, the more she discovered that
natural-born Germans had been the victims of a cruel
hoax: an 86-year experiment in pre-scripted political
developments, manipulative historiography, and Satanic
mind-control under the auspices of a wealthy and powerful
Judeo-Masonic elite. The more she realised the scale of
the deception, the more determined she was to secure "a
future worth living" for her daughter. And the more she
spoke out about the Jewish power matrix, the more
anxious the government became.

Everyone who met Martina Pflock fell in love with her. Everyone,
that is, except the three men she threatened to expose as
criminals at the centre of a vast web of fraud and deceit:
State Attorney, Andreas Trautvetter, Christean Wagner and the
socialist Mayor, Klaus Henniges.

The political elites in Berlin began to panic. Surreptitious
phone calls were placed on encrypted satellite channels at
the dead of night. Something had to give.

On 2 November 2004, a dispassionate Hessen Radio report
casually mentioned that a woman and her child had died
instantly in a head-on collision with a tree on a remote
country lane. Her name was Martina Pflock. Friedrichroda
went into shock and strangers comforted each other on the
streets as they broke down and cried.

The local newspaper published a brief report. Then a
news blackout ensued. [3]

Nobody knew who had been the first at the scene of the
accident because officials said they didn't know. Nobody
knew exactly how Martina and her daughter had died
because no inquest was held. Nobody knew where the
bodies were kept because nobody was informed; and
nobody got the chance to pay their last respects because
the corpses were hurriedly cremated in Gotha, a town
almost 30 miles away from Friedrichroda.

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