Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photos Of The Zionist Governments Police State In Action

The reason that the Zionist Government wants
"Gun Control". It will make your oppression
much easier. It Is the reason slaves are
not permitted to own firearms. So they will
never have an armed revolt against oppression.

APC used to raid the Mormon compound In Texas 2008.
Daring anyone to cross the blue line.
A run of the mill Rambo thug cop.
Ready to launch tear gas on those who dare to
exercise their 1st Amendment
Police thugs with M-16's

Military select fire rifles for use on the
American people.

The Elian Gonzalez kidnapping by Zionist
government thugs.

Waco 1993 , Zionist Government goons burning the
Branch Davidians alive.

Militarized police- New Orleans under martial law.

Violate evacuation and get shot, detained If you're lucky.

New Orleans 2005

Police officer with what appears to be a
scoped M-14.

New Orleans 2005, A disarmed population
Is an easy to control population. A disarmed
population Is an easy to bully and oppress
What happens to those who dare to protest against
the Zionist government. Soon
It will be bullets.
Police "professionalism".

Cocky and tough with unarmed women.
Another display of Police "professionalism".

Protesters are seen as punching bags to
vent out frustrations.
"Don't Fuck with the police scumbags"= Their
mentality towards
the American people.

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