Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another Incident Of Anti-Christ Harrassment

Stalin would be proud of the "Politically Correct" and
society America has become. Two of the
Soviet Unions dogmas that
currently are American
government de facto policies.

Street preacher claims police harassment
'I got the distinct impression they wanted me to move'

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A man who wants to spread the word about Jesus in his town
of Alma, Ark., says he was intimidated by officials from the local
school district as well as police officers when they approached him
on a public sidewalk and told him to find another place to preach.

Daniel Guyeski, who told WND he feels called to preach to his
community, said a vice principal from Alma High School first
warned him against speaking on the sidewalk, then two police
officers approached him and made a suggestion.

"I got the distinct impression they wanted me to move," he told
WND. He said he felt intimidated and left, instead of continuing
his gospel message.

Police officials confirmed to WND they contacted Guyeski, but that
he was on a public sidewalk and was doing nothing wrong.

Police Chief Russell White did, however, tell WND that there were
"issues" with Guyeski and his office had been contacted by a nearby
police department in Fort Smith about the preacher.

Guyeski said when police confronted him they also accused him of
having issues with a girlfriend in Fort Smith, but he explained that
that issue must concern someone else because he is married and
lives in Alma.

Guyeski told WND he was preaching on the public sidewalk across
the street of Alma High School when an assistant principal
approached him and told him to move down the road, to a location
near a fire station, and he complied.

Then, however, he told WND that officers from Alma's police
department approached him, demanded his identification and then
after the vice principal approached the group, told him, "You need to
find a better time and place to preach."

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