Monday, February 11, 2008

Politically Correct American Heroes

American high school students have become so politically
correct Indoctrinated, that they do not even know their
Nations true heroes. A look at a survey asking high school
students to rank the most famous American.

1. Martin Luther King Jr.: 67% - A Communist fraud, an

agent for Zionists. He was not a true Black leader like

Malcolm X or Marcus Garvey.

2. Rosa Parks: 60% - A Communist fraud, Her 15 minutes

of fame were pre-orchestrated .

3. Harriet Tubman: 44%

4. Susan B. Anthony: 34%

5. Benjamin Franklin: 29%

6. Amelia Earhart: 25%

7. Oprah Winfrey: 22% - For having a stupid talk show

for over sensitive Americans to cry on !

8. Marilyn Monroe: 19% - ? , A ditzy movie star Is one

of the most Important Americans ?!

9. Thomas Edison: 18%

10. Albert Einstein: 16%

Is It any wonder why America has become so second rate ? The
dumbing down with bogus history and academics marches on.

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