Monday, February 11, 2008

Americans Are Without A Nation

People Without A Country

Jim Kirwan

I'm an American; which means that I'm a dinosaur, a
person that has not sworn allegiance to any political
party, religion, or creed. I believe in the rights of all
people to live their lives free from political despots
from all sides; free from the kinds of political
correctness that brought us prohibitions of all types.

From zero tolerance, bigotry, officially sanctioned
hatreds, racism, and in general a National-Paternalism
that defines the current Police-State under the
Bushwhackers-a state that has killed the Constitutional
Republic-in which 'Americans' had begun to think of
themselves as 'a free people.'

Forty years ago during another phony war, in
1968, at the National- Democratic Convention in
Chicago the system for selecting presidents as well
as running this country was utterly destroyed. It was
replaced with a 'Party-loyalty' that supersedes all
national political affiliations to the Constitution-
especially during a time of war. It was there that the
term "American" became an endangered species. (1)

From then until now the extremes of this treachery
have not been used, thus allowing the truth about
'elections' to remain hidden from the voting
public. That is all about to CHANGE under the
terms of this conflicted election year. Under the
constitution national elections were supposed to
involve the national election of the president by
the citizens of the United States. That did not
involve delegates, or Super-Delegates, or the
political will of party conventions-all of that was
created by the two political parties. Incidentally
the 'two-party-system' is NOT part of the constitution.

This so-called two party system was created by the
Democrats and the Republicans to protect themselves
from any third party intrusion on their political
feast, which they discovered early-on, could be
very lucrative for those who controlled the money
and the largess of the world's richest nation.To
insure that their 'political-rein' would never be
interrupted, the parties took complete charge of national-presidential-elections.

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