Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Bullshit Of Diversity And Democrats

Democrats always push for diversity, yet the people they demonize
hold the cards In their party- White males. See White Liberals just
hustle for minority votes, think they really care ?. Besides a lot of
us are sick of this non-stop race Shit, there will never be unity as
long as ethnic differences are exploited and pointed out. Or any
hope of a truly free America, In which people have true Civil and
Economic rights. But that Is what they want, and that Is why they
pump out divisive diversity propaganda. to get each ethnic group
to fight for the Elites scraps, while they live In Ivory towers and
live It up. Laughing at the "Ignorant human cattle"!

See It Is easier to Fuck over the people, when they fight each
other, rather than the abusive and exploitive government. So
you see, division Is good business for the Elitist government. And
It Is good business for race hucksters as well. Who watches the
Elitist government, when everyone fights each other ?

Notice how the distracted American populace gets raped of It's
rights more and more ? Besides what have White liberals really
ever really done for minorities ? Besides make promise after
promise every four years, same thing for White America too. And
what have they ever really done for Whites beside preach hatred
towards and encourage strife. Whites are the Liberals favorite
bogeyman to blame government greed and corruption on. They
try to portray White racists as the ones holding minorities back,
when In fact It Is White Liberals doing so. So who Is the real
racists ? Your average White American who struggles too or
the rich limousine liberal vote hustler ? Notice how they only
visit the "ghetto" every two to four years, for Presidential
and Congressional elections . Not every minority Is as stupid
as these Liberal jerks think, some of us see through
this. Especially when we can view It through both points of
view, especially being of mixed heritage. And some of us resent
the White In us as being portrayed as a mark of evil, and the
Non-White In us as Incapable without a White Liberals help.

Phony lying pricks that preach for diversity and hatred of
Whites, while they live In segregated affluent gated White
neighborhoods. The only minorities they know are the ones
they meet for photo ops. Or their maids, gardeners and butlers.

White men hold superdelegate power balance

By: Josephine Hearn
Feb 15, 2008 06:05 AM EST

In an ironic twist to the historic Democratic nominating contest
between an African-American and a woman, the balance of power
may be held by a more familiar face: the white male.

According to a Politico analysis, close to half of the 700-plus
Democratic superdelegates who could end up determining the
party nominee are white men.

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