Thursday, March 6, 2008

And AmericanFeMANist WoMEN Wonder Why They Are Lonely And Miserable

American FeMANist dykes promote hatred of Males now with
some cute attire that Is sure to lead young girls to a life of a lonely
cat lady. Such things would be laughable If not so
disturbing, especially since the dyke FeMANist Is always Whining
of violence towards Women, yet promote this filth, and they claim
Men encourage all violence ! I know you are pissed you weren't
born with a penis, and no matter how short you cut you hair and act
tough, you will never be a MAN ! So get over It and stop ruining the
name of the remaining decent western Women there are left. Us
Men only desire women who are Feminine and respectful, who
like being Women, NOT WOMYN ! If you want to be alone for the
rest of your life, angry and hateful fine, there are lots of Women
out there that respect their Men still and get respect back.

I can't help but laugh a the loonie Male hating FeManist and
their universal end result. They are always lonely and
Childless. Their eggs drie out and their looks decay. old, alone
and bitter, they sacrificed their youth and happiness for a
cause that Is a cruel hoax, never Intent on "Liberating "
them. How will a stupid MANmade movement liberate Women
from biology ? And when were western Women ever
oppressed ? By having children to care for ? Wow ! how greedy
of God to give them the gift of being the bearer and nurterer
to her young. How greedy of God to make them the one their
children adore all of their lives, as she Is our first teacher In
all things of the world, this bond should be cherished. But no,
modern society In all of It's Asinine perversion condemns
this. Climbing the corporate ladder for an ungrateful
employer (Who can and will outsource your
job and discard you on a whim) Is seen as more noble. Women In
this sick society are encouraged to dismember their babies In
abortions, so the career track goes unhindered. The sickening thing
about this Is It goes against a Womens natural protective Instinct
to care for and nurture her young. But the Media In all of It's
buffoonish glory sings this as a praise of equality. Men and Women
will never be equal, That Is a myth. The reason Is because of
biology, Men will always outperform Women In some areas, And
Women will always outperform Men In some areas. And those
(Womyn) people can't deal with It due to their masculine
envy, so let them reap what they sow, old age and misery. Only
Feminine and respectful Women, who are proud of being
Female get my respect and admiration. Only real Women are
seen by me as my equal,as they are the natural balance to
a Man. not moronic "Womyn " who want to be Men.

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