Saturday, March 8, 2008

More Organized Jewry Lies About Nazi Germany Exposed !

Consider this, for a nation that was supposedly full of
blood lust and Anti-Semitism for the Jews. -

* 150,0000 Jews served In the German armed forces
*Germany had 2 Jewish field marshals
*Germany had 15 Jewish generals
* 2 Jewish full generals
* 8 Jewish liuetenant generals
* 5 Jewish major generals
* 20 Jews received the Knights Cross !

Don't believe It ? Research these names for a start, especially
before you Leftist sheep start babbling emotionally
and Irrationally, I have become sick of you and your
kind never listening to other viewpoints , start learning
for yourselves and stop following for once -

*Werner Goldberg
*Horst Geitner
*Johannes Zukertort
*Erhard Milch
*Anton Mayer
*Paul Ascher
* Bernhard Rogge

Enough with the WWII propaganda lies Zionists !

Tell the truth about WWII ! How can you
condemn and denigrate Germany, yet worship
the mass murdering Soviet Bolsheviks !

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