Friday, March 7, 2008

When Will Affirmative Discrimination End ?

Affirmative "Discriminations" supporters lack the diversity they
are always rallying for. Where are all of the people of
European descent ?

I can count less than a handful, how Is that a diverse crowd ?

An article from the LA Times (Pro Affirmative Discrimination)

Here Is some propaganda -

"They've targeted states where there's a white majority
electorate and
a vocal, if small, extreme anti-immigrant
right wing,"

So If you are White and for equal non-racial
preferences , you are
a RACIST !!!??? The Commissars
of the PC movement are using
doublespeak again. Notice how Whites are the
Implied problem ? To the PC Bolsheviks
It Is acceptable to be against Whites and still be
considered as"Tolerant", this= oxymoron doublespeak.

"What Ward Connerly is banking on -- and it's a sad
thing -- is a lack of information among the public,"

No the PC Bolsheviks do that to keep alive an
unpopular and an
Anti-European practice. They
Blackmail using the race card If you
do not
support Affirmative "Discrimination" , you are
a "Racist Nazi "!

The debate may also become entangled in immigration politics.

How Is that ? coming here Illegally and getting all the
perks to
boot Is the Issue, not Race. Nice try media
Commissars, only your mindless PC Bolshevik hordes
believe your party line.

Connerly, who is of black, white and Native American heritage, began
fighting against racial preferences as a member of the University of
California Board of Regents in the mid-1990s

And he will likely be considered a self loathing ,sell out
Minority. The
PC Brigades do not like free thinking
Minorities, they are hated just
as much as Whites are
hated by the PC Bolshevik Horde.

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