Friday, March 7, 2008

The Farce Of Womens "Liberation"

"Liberated" Whores Madonna ( who defiles the Sacred name) and
"Ditzy" Spears, participating In officially media sanctioned Womans
Lib. Would you want your Daughters doing this ? Would anyone
want their Daughter a "Liberated" Whore ?


by Alan Stang
March 7, 2008

In earlier sections of this extended treatise, we saw that so-called
“women’s liberation” – like Organized Sodomy – is a weapon the
conspiracy for world government devised to destroy the foundation
of our civilization so that our country could easily be submerged and
dissolved in the totalitarian socialist system it seeks. In this session,
let’s see where “liberation” has taken women. We saw that the
Communists were among the earliest advocates of modern
“women’s liberation.”

An important element in “women’s liberation” is the so-called
“Playboy philosophy” devised by magazine publisher Hugh Hefner
in his degenerate Playboy magazine. What? Isn’t Hefner’s pseudo
“philosophy” the opposite of “women’s liberation? Well, what is
the “Playboy philosophy?”

Before Playboy, parents warned daughters about all the things a
couple of millennia of experience prove man does not want. They
told her that the natural man does not want flowers. He does not
want dinner. He doesn’t want to waste time with sweet talk. He
wants to walk into a bar, get drunk with a compliant woman in a
spirit of perfect equality and then jump into bed. He doesn’t even
want to waste time with foreplay. If there is a pregnancy, it’s her
problem. In short, he wants to sweep into the dustbin of history
all those “prudish, Victorian” obstacles.

To prevent that deletion, it was necessary to domesticate the
male. He was required to call for a young lady at home – actually
get out of his car and knock on the door – where Dad could eyeball
him while cleaning his shotgun. Racking a twelve-gauge shotgun,
even empty, makes such an authoritative, spiritually satisfying

At dinner, as an expression of respect, he was required to stand
up when the lady departed the table for the ladies’ room and
again when she returned. And the lady was required to wear
an antiquated garment called a dress, a garment with no legs
you can see in “Gone With the Wind.” There were separate
entrances to cocktail lounges oddly called “Ladies Entrance.”

I realize this next item will be challenged by people who are
not as well-versed in history as they should be, but the fact
is that ladies back then did not routinely display their belly
buttons in public. For his part, the male did not show the
different hemispheres in his behind unless he was a plumber,
working beneath a sink. And the male alone wore judicious
tattoos, usually memorializing his military unit. The dad
with the shotgun required that the man bring the lady
home at a specified time.

Because of these millennia-tested protections, unauthorized
pregnancy was relatively rare. For just one example, we are
talking about a time when there was such a lawgiver in most
“Negro” homes, with the happy result that the rate of illegitimacy
there was lower than it is in white families today. In the relatively
unlikely event of such a pregnancy despite these precautions, the
intransigent, deflowering male was encouraged to marry in a
“shotgun wedding,” most of which, surprisingly, survived. These
were just a few aspects of the then cultural matrix.

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