Friday, February 1, 2008

What Has Been Said Of This Site

"One more thing: In looking over the site to which the link
was posted, it's clear that, while the author does have some
good points to make, the site itself has a hateful tone and uses
racist language ('Jewish devils'). While even hateful people
sometimes speak the truth, I don't think Digg benefits from
the inclusion of articles from sites that use epithets like 'Jewish
devils' or 'white devils,' any more than sites that use 'n*.'"

Fair enough, If you would like to call It "hate". "Jewish Devils" are
the words of radioislam.orgs link, their words not mine. And I
support their description all the way. How else do you describe
the Israelis and their brutality ? Do you truly believe that your
Western media tells you the truth about the occupation of
Palestine ? Do you think they tell you the truth about the
brutality against what the Zionist considers sub-human
Arabs ? If you think That this website Is hateful, you are entitled
to your opinion. But I do not see how else to accurately describe
Israeli Jews who murder a father and a child In cold blood.

Click and view for yourselves-
The Blood Orgy of the Jewish Devils

It Is amazing that the so called "Racist
language" of Jewish devil, Is more offensive
to sensitive Westerners. Than this -

Or This-

God forbid the evils of the Zionist Jew are
condemned, Westerners call that hate ! No
wonder the West Is so close to collapse, the
majority of people stand for nothing. And are
afraid to take a
stand for the fear of offending
sensitivities. Most of the people are as phony as
their politicians, and they never cease to label
the bearers of truth as "Haters". The majority of
Westerners are always talking, with no Idea of
what the Fuck they're talking about ! But It has
to be their media's doing and the Politically
Correct Indoctrination that does It.

As for being a hateful person. No , just someone who tells the truth
how I see It, and a realist . I present facts and do not partake In
gratuitous racial name calling. If you truly think Digg does not benefit
from a site like this because of an offense you took, how Is that any
different than advocating censorship ? That Is politically correct
thinking, that any material that Is deemed "offensive" must be
hidden away from the public.

This site Is meant to be provocative, It Is meant to display what
Is avoided In polite conversation. If It Is not for you, that Is
perfectly acceptable. I do not ask anybody to view this blog
If they do not desire to. But It would be ashame for people to
avoid It due to an offense they may have taken. Your visit Is
appreciated, and It Is too bad this blog may not be for you. But
I hope you do not think This site Is "hateful" because It opposes
the Zionist agenda.That would make old Abe and the ADL
proud. But I would like you to see a site by the Zionist Jew
extremists, and tell me who the haters are -

The haters are those who use their religion as a shield from
criticism. Did anybody see JTF's cute little defamation of Black
cultural Icons ? Or their whole defamation of Arabs ? You get
nowhere meeting hate with kindness, or politeness . Only by
exposing the truth and standing for what you believe In, no
matter the "popularity" at the time. So call me a hateful
Individual If you like. This website Is and shall remain
Anti-Zionist, Pro-European, Pro-Arab, Pro-Christian,
Pro-Muslim, and Pro-every races right to self
determination free of Zionist meddling. That may not be
a "popular" stance In the Western environment today. But
who really cares about the Ideals that are fashionable In the
West without substance anyway ?


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