Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why We Hate Jews

Because I am sick of all of the Arab and Muslim bashing
In the West. So to guarantee equality and another
viewpoint, let's talk about Jews . If this Is
offensive to you, why doesn't all of the
Anti-Muslim and Anti-Arab hostility make you
squeamish ?

Why We Hate Jews
Part 1: Introduction and Judaism

Sermon Notes of Pastor Mark Downey

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Arabs know the reality the West
denies or refuses to see-

"At the end of the last century, the Jewish organizations consolidated
a hellish plan to take over the world by sparking revolutions or taking
control of the keys to governments in various countries, first and
foremost the U.S. and Russia."

"At the beginning of the twentieth century, the goal of the Russians,
and with them the Jews and their global organizations, was to
topple Russian imperialism, which they considered anti-Semitic. To
this end, the Jewish organizations across the world sought to create
a Jewish socialist system. Most of this system's leaders were
Jews, and they financed the Russian Revolution, which if truth be
told was more of a Jewish revolution than a Russian one. This
revolution's main financier was the well-known Jewish capitalist
Jacob Schiff of New York."

"The Jewish sense of superiority is typified by hypocrisy and
zeal… The Jews are incapable of actualizing their influence and
control for a simple reason, and that is that they are a demographic
minority in every society in the world. For this reason, the Jews are
trying by means of their trickery to weaken the national identity [of
the non-Jews] and thus take over affairs and direct them to serve
their interests. This is obvious everywhere in the world where there
is a large community, both in Arab societies and in American
society, such as the European-American community or African-American
and even among the Muslims in the Arab world, where the Jews act
by means of their control of the media, politics, and the economy in
order to weaken the non-Jewish groups and bring about their
disintegration, in order to secure their goals. How is this
carried out?"

"It is carried out by the principle of 'divide and rule.' The Jewish zealots
fear, and fight, any racial non-Jewish coalition. In the Western countries,
the Jews fight all the organizations attempting to safeguard European
interests and tradition. In the non-European countries, the Jews constantly
act to fracture and weaken the coalitions and the homogeneity of the
main racial groups."

"In America, for example, the Jews did not act merely to weaken the
homogeneity and the coalition of European-Americans, but also fought
other coalitions, such as the black national movement, the Nation of
Islam, and other movements. All these African-American organizations
wanted was to preserve the traditions that they had lost in the multicultural
society – but the Jews, due to their well-known sense of superiority, did
not want anyone besides themselves to preserve their traditions and
collective interests. Therefore, they always try to make other societies
feel guilty, even about their pride in their culture. They present this
interest and sense of pride in the culture of those non-Jewish
organizations as a racist tendency."

Abdallah Aal Malhi, Al-Watan (Saudi Arabia),
December 9, 2001.

Little does the West know, It Is sleeping with
It's true enemy.

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