Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Demonization Of Europeans And Distortion Of History

* Whites do have a weakness, and that weakness Is generosity. Whites
care more about other races, no matter how ungrateful, than
their own. Until Whites learn to look after their own, like every
other race. Nothing will change, as long as White guilt
censors Whites. Why do Whites obligatory follow
the path of Racial and cultural suicide ?

Read below and see who the real racists are-

Zionist pig "Intellectual" Susan Sontag

Nice Cruella Deville hair, what a clown !

The Inverted World

By The Realist
Originally published

“The white race is the cancer of human history.” Susan Sontag’s
words of 1967 express the central idea of the age that we live
in. In the contemporary view, which I will dub the “whites as
cancer” myth in honor of Sontag, whites are a destructive and
malign force that is the major source of the world’s suffering. Fifty
years ago, the West saw its history as the gradual ascent from
barbarism to civilization and from dogmatism to
Enlightenment. Today, the West sees its history as the
gradual, but still imperfect, conquest of racism. Racism
has, in sum, become the defining feature of the West.

This website is dedicated to the proposition that what the “whites
as cancer” myth turns reality on its head, or is a sort of lens that
shows us an inverted world. In reality, whites are the great
benefactors of humanity, and have shown throughout their history
a charity, generosity, and capacity for accomplishment that do
not have any parallel among the other races of man. The “whites
as cancer” myth causes a pervasive distortion of reality that
prevents us from understanding and dealing with the problems
the West faces.

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