Friday, February 1, 2008

Jews Push For WWII Propaganda Exhibit

Pictures that will not be shown-

German victims of the Allied fire
bombing of Dresden.

Or the photographs of present day
Israeli Atrocities .

All pictures from

More pathetic German "guilt" propaganda
sought by Zionist pigs ! Fuck Angela
Merkel and the rest of the Zionist groveling
German politicians. How pathetic, building
a guilt trip museum for a race of
people who wished upon the German
people -

"Germany Must Perish"

American Jew Theodore N. Kaufmans
call for the destruction of Germany. And the
forced sterilization of all Germans .

Jews wanted to eradicate Germans from
the earth, and Germany grovels to
the Jew !

BERLIN - Pressure is mounting on Germany’s national
railway to approve a traveling exhibit about the deportation
of Jewish children during World War II - but it may take
an act of the German Parliament to make it happen.

The debate - which has pitted mainstream politicians of every
stripe against the head of Deutsche Bahn, a private company
whose shares are owned by the government - underscores the
high emotions regarding questions of Holocaust remembrance
more than 60 years after the end of World War II.

At issue is whether Germans should be confronted with the
terrible truth, or whether the history should be relegated to
museums one can choose to visit or avoid.

Those who favor the proposed traveling exhibit suggest that
too many Germans would avoid the truth if given the choice.

But “it’s the duty of the younger generation to preserve the
memory of
these events, including the fate of deported children throughout
Europe,”Transportation Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee said in
an e-mail interview with JTA.

Tiefensee, of the Social Democratic Party, is leading supporters
of the traveling exhibit, and he has taken on Deutsche Bahn chief
Hartmut Mehdorn, who opposes the concept and refuses to back down.

Tiefensee said crimes that took place in front of people daily in Nazi
Germany should be documented and presented in a place where people
pass daily now.

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