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Hollywood And The Defamation Of Christians & Arabs

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Subliminal propaganda radiates
from Big Screen

By Mark Green and Wendy Campbell
(Originally published April 20, 2005)

Edison may have invented the 'motion picture', but Jewish
immigrants from Europe "invented Hollywood". Remarkably, in
the century since Meyer, the Warner brothers and a handful of
other Ashkenazi Jew immigrants began the "studio
system", Hollywood still maintains a distinctly Yiddish accent. Some
critics, however, posit that Hollywood doesn't play fair, since it
employs the mesmerizing power of cinema to manipulate the
mindset of complacent viewers. How? By relentlessly injecting
sordid scenarios and denigrating images of once respected
American archetypes and institutions. Latest targets: the Catholic
Church and, as usual, Arabs.

One very recent example (out of many) is the comic-book-styled
action flick "Sin City". In it we witness numerous oddball
villains, many adorned with multiple layers of crucifixion crosses
(a symbol revered by many Christians) as they go about their
merry, murderous ways. Indeed, the film's arch-villain turns out
to be nothing less than a satanic, cannibalistic Catholic cardinal!
OK, this is fictional entertainment, but Hollywood knows that these
scenarios have a visceral, even subliminal, impact. That's basically
why we don't see any Hollywood-fabricated demons sporting Stars
of David (a symbol revered by many Jews) nor do we see any
'rabid rabbis' dished up for popular entertainment.

The unspoken code of Hollywood is this: Jewish archetypes and
religious sensitivities are to be respected. Others may be casually

Although Catholics and Arabs are expected to survive this non-lethal
onslaught, when one considers the laudatory treatment Hollywood
grants Jewish and Israeli characters, it's becoming an insult. How is
it that Jews, Arabs and Christians receive such different treatment
under Hollywood's gaze?

In polite terms, the Jewish presence in American film and media
is "without peer".

In many ways, Hollywood is an "insider" kind of business. While talent
is essential, there is a political element to success in Hollywood. One
must pass muster with the specifically Jewish dictates of political
correctness. Otherwise, one may find oneself very unemployed. It
took an actor/producer with the stature of Mel Gibson to buck this
kosher Hollywood code and produce his controversial, but wildly
successful film, "The Passion". Even Gibson however had to endure
a tidal wave of organized Jewish protest, including death threats
to his family.

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