Thursday, November 1, 2007

Why Is the White race so suicidal ?

As In my previous post where I got a little angry, this
Is some more sheer stupidity to get me going. Why are
Whites so suicidal In terms of Race and Nation ? Why
do they go merrily along with the NWO freaks towards
their ultimate demise. Are they that afraid of resisting
and being called "Racist" or "Anti-Semetic" ???

It seems White "Leaders" are so happy to screw
over their people and Nations to appease
foreigners. While no non-White Nation shares
this suicidal tendency. If the NWO program
of Diversity Is so great, Why does It always
seek to Inspire guilt and shame, While
Inciting hatreds amongst all the races ?

Christmas should be

'downgraded' to help race

relations says Labour think tank

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Last updated at 12:56pm on 1st November 2007

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Christmas should be downgraded in favour of festivals from
other religions to improve race relations, says an explosive report.

Labour's favourite think-tank says that because it would be
hard to "expunge" Christmas from the national
(Basically showing how the NWO would like to
eventually do away with Christianity)
, 'even-handedness'
means public organisations must start giving other
religions equal footing.

The leaked findings of its investigation into identity,
citizenship and community cohesion also propose:

• "Birth ceremonies", at which state
and parents agree to "work in partnership"
to bring up children (Meaning your children
are property of the State)

• Action to "ensure access" for ethnic
minorities to "largely white"
countryside (Using Minorities as a cover
to destroy any sense of Nationhood or
Ethnic unity)

• An overhaul of Britain's "imperial"honours system

• Bishops being thrown out of the House
of Lords (A blatant attack on Religion)

• An end to "sectarian" religious
education (Another attack on Religion)

• Flying flags other than the Union
Jack. ( Why not the U.N. NWO Flag ?)

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Nativity scene

Nativity scene: Christian celebrations in schools could become a thing of the past

The report by the Institute for Public Policy Research was
commissioned when Nick Pearce, now head of public policy
at Downing Street, was its director.

IPPR has shaped many Labour policies, including ID
cards, bin taxes and road pricing.

The report robustly defends multiculturalism - the idea
that different communities should not be forced
to integrate
but should be allowed to maintain
their own culture and
identities.(This worked out
lovely In Yugoslavia, Resulting In a brutal
Ethnic war from ethnic enclaves , Also notice
how this contradicts with their proposal
that -
minorities to be "Ensured access" to
the"largely white"
countryside.That Is
forcing Diversity and
Multiculturalism, Not
making It voluntary ! More Orwellian
doublespeak from the State)

And it says immigrants should be required to acquire some
proficiency in English and other aspects of British culture
"if - but only if - the settled population is willing
to open up
national institutions and practices to
newcomers and give
a more inclusive cast to
national narratives and symbols".(Again the
Native population Is being defamed as "Racist"

and close minded, Does this tactic ever get old ??!!)

It adds: "Even-handedness dictates that we provide
public recognition to minority cultures and traditions.

"If we are going to continue as a nation to mark Christmas -
and it would be very hard to expunge it from our national
life even if we wanted to - then public organisations should
mark other religious festivals too. (Why don't you Satanic
NWO freaks just come out and say It. You want
gone, So we can adopt your sick
Immoral Religion of the flesh
and materialistic
worship of self )

"We can no longer define ourselves as a Christian nation, nor
an especially religious one in any sense. ( See here the
make It clear)

"The empire is gone, church attendance is at historically
low levels, and the Second World War is inexorably
slipping from memory."(Why because the almighty
State officials says so. So the people of Britain
renounce their history and faith!)

Scarborough Christmas lights

National celebration: But could Christmas soon be 'downgraded'?

The report, written by IPPR advisers Ben Rogers and Rick
Muir, calls on Ministers to launch an "urgent and upfront
campaign" promoting a "multicultural understanding
of Britishness". (I'm sure It would be easy to define
Britishness If the Satate stopped Fucking with the
culture In It's social engineering schemes)

"Multiculturalism can be shown to provide for a fairer
and more liberal society and does not necessarily lead
to social division and community conflict, as its critics
have claimed," it says. (Study the History of multi-
ethnic States, They are far from harmonious- Look
at Iraq or the Balkans for recent examples.)

Councils must act to "ensure children mix and are
able to form friendships with pupils from different
backgrounds". (Forcing people to Intermingle
creates resentment, Why not let them do It
on their own If they so choose?)

The report adds: "Any liberal state should recast the civic
oaths and national ceremonies, or institutions like
Parliament and the monarchy, in a more multi-religious
or secular form and make religious education less sectarian."

The presence of bishops in the House of Lords, for
instance, is condemned as an "anachronism" that
should be removed. (Why I thought you want
Multi-Religions, I see only Christianity Is
to be forbidden)

The system in which parents are required to register
a new baby at a register office is dismissed as
"purely bureaucratic".

The occasion should be transformed into a
"public rite", using citizenship ceremonies for
immigrants as a model, the report says.

"Parents, their friends and family and the state
[would] agree to work in partnership to support
and bring up their child."(Orwells State Is
becoming more and more a reality)

Rural Britain, the report complains, "remains
a largely white place". (And Britain was
all White for thousands of years, And It Is a
problem how. See the NWO seeks to destroy
ethnic unity and kinship, Under the guise
of Inclusion and diversity)

Much more needs to be done to "ensure access" to
the countryside for black and ethnic minority
groups, disabled people and children from
inner-city areas. (Was anybody denied access
before now ? No, you are trying to force
Balkinization and spite Ethnic turmoils.)

Sayeeda Warsi, the Conservative spokesman on community
cohesion, said: "Their comments betray a breathtaking
misunderstanding of what it is to be British. These proposals
could actually damage cohesion."

She added: "You don't build community cohesion by
throwing out our history and denying the fundamental
contribution Christianity has played and does play
to our nation.

"As a British Muslim I can see that - so why
others can't just staggers me."

And she attacked ceremonies to mark the
registration of a baby.

"The thought of Gordon Brown sharing responsibility
with me for bringing up my children sends a shiver
down my spine. I thought we got rid of communism?"

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