Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Founding Fathers nightmare realized.

Our Founding Fathers fear after writing
the Bill of Rights.

Ignoring the warnings of Benjamin Franklin
and Thomas Jefferson. Most Americans become
apathetic In regards to Rights
and Civil Liberties, opting
Instead for the false safety
of a police state.

The false terror attack of 9-11
was staged to portray an
Islamic attack on America. When
In fact the State was behind It as a
coup de tate to consolidate
more power.

The World trade towers were the
first modern buildings In history to
"collapse" due to jet fuel. But this cover
story Is weak when you study
the facts. It's funny that
when they collapsed It looked
more like a controlled demolition,
than from melting due to
the temperature of jet
fuel burning.

King George the 1st: wasted no time In taking away
our liberties. He capitalized on a conditioned 24/7
news viewing populace, scaring them Into a
frenzied state. They were ready to agree with
anything Bush ordered without
question. Enter the PATRIOT ACT
and the death of the Bill of Rights.

The World also gets to share In the
madness ! King George with all
of the unqestioned power he now holds, seeks
to attack any sovereign Nation
that dares oppose his Empire !

A man who holds unquestioned power, but Is obviously
lacking In Intelligence ! Be afraid, very afraid !

King George I: In an Important
planning stage.

King George only cares about the Lobbyists
and Globalist Corporations, Not the American
people ! Wars of profit for the Military Industrial
complex and big oil, tax breaks for
the wealthy elite and a police state that
feeds the prison Industry= Big $$$

His attitude Is universal amongst all American
politicians. It used to be "We the people", but
Bush and the rest of the despots make It
quite clear In their arrogance, that to them
the people do not matter.

Now the freedom of speech to
protest is confined to "Free
speech zones". Basically cages that
look like dog kennels, Defy the
Imperial police state and you
might be shot.

America does not tolerate dissent, yet we have the
majority of people still asleep thinking we have
a Democracy.

Those of us who oppose the State now
risk being classified as "Terrorists", and
risk being detained without legal
counsel and Imprisonment for Indefinite
lengths. And they say Cubans are denied
freedom on the Island of Cuba. Castro
has nothing on Guantanamo, the
most oppressive piece of (U.S. occupied)
Cuban soil.

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