Wednesday, October 31, 2007

For the day when they try to disarm the populace !

By Odessa

Don't believe all of the political bullshit from our sensationalist
"Elected Leaders", Media or their Police enforcers about guns. They
want to scare the morons Into believing guns are evil and must be
done away with. Well do these Idiots really believe criminals will
magically decide to go along with the law the day comes to surrender
arms ???!!!! Gee who the hell uses guns to commit crime anyway-
Criminals, But common sense Is lost on American politicians. Only
law abiding (And Idiotic to follow this State decree) will.

I along with countless others will not ever surrender our right to
self defense to the State, Or become the prey of armed criminals
or Police State thugs.

Most gun related crime Is due to Gangs mostly from Inner
cities, And some cases from disturbed people who go on
shooting rampages.

Yet these Idiots portray every gun owner as a crazed killer
willing and ready to strike. They gleefully enjoy and sensationalize
every mass murder with firearms. They glorify spree killers
most of whom are on some kind of Anti-Psychotic or Anti-
depressant drugs, Yet we never hear them explore that
fact. Did the "Prescription drugs" Influence their behavior
or were they just disturbed that bad already ? Because I
find It Interesting that every school shooter was doped
up on some big pharma pill. but do we go after big
pharma ? Fuck no ! Washington doesn't really want
to lose campaign $.

And most of these Individuals would have If they were
that hellbent could murder with another object. A screwdriver,
a knife or a fucking crossbow. Are we going to ban all sharp
objects or anything flammable too ?

Explosives are banned, yet the Columbine weirdos made some
to bring along. What would have happened had some teacher
been armed ? Kids could have been possibly saved and the
weirdos dead, Instead we had two weirdos shooting
helpless prey, And receiving media glory after the fact.

Why doesn't anybody question the medias role In all
of this ? They have made the Columbine weirdos Idols
to every mentally disturbed youth In America. But
that Is what the media hoped for, By creating Icons
of these two rejects. They hope more will follow and the
American people will be conditioned to surrender their
firearms. I sincerely hope that people will see through
this ploy, but the way Americans are becoming
lemmings It's frightening !

Think about It, Politicians want to ban guns. Yet they
are protected by armed bodyguards. I guess guns aren't
so evil after all. Only when the populace Is armed and
capable of resistance to their schemes Is It a problem.

Look at Australia or England where firearms were
banned. Crime went through the roof, As criminals were
the only ones armed. I wonder If they feel safer now ?

Here are some plans for guns, for the day the State
attempts disarming the citizenry.


The whole firearm was constructed by hand from steel tubing, shaft lock collars and a few nuts and bolts!


Weapon Type - Machine Pistol
Action - Open bolt fully automatic
Calibre - .32/.380
Capacity - 16/14
OAL - 18 ¾
Barrel Length - 9"
Weight unloaded - 4lbs 9oz
Sights - None
Safety - None
Construction materials - Tube, Collars, Nuts and Bolts
Material availability - Good
Tools required - Hand only

Purpose - Home underground manufacture for defence and resistance

Opposite you can see a schematic diagram of the machine gun.

Please click the picture to zoom in.


The tube sizes shown below are those required to construct the major component parts for the expedient machine pistol, i.e. receivers, barrel, magazine and breech block etc.

1. 30x30x2mm UPPER RECEIVER
2. 30x30x1.6mm LOWER RECEIVER
3. 25.40x12.70x1.6mm + 12.70x0.91mm MAGAZINE
4. 14.29x3.25mm BARREL
5. 12.70x2.03mm BREECH BLOCK
6. 15.88x34.93x1.6mm MAGAZINE WELL
7. 40x20x1.6mm GRIP
8. 50.80x1.6mm TRIGGER GUARD

The ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) tubing
is very useful for the construction of receivers
and magazine, or as sleeving to reinforce or
increase the diameter of another tube. It
should not be used as gun barrelling - unless
nothing else is available - due to its welded-
seam construction. The SMT (Seemless
Mechanical Tube) is ideal for improvised
gun barrels. Because of the many different
tube sizes available, it is possible to construct
a barrel to suit almost any calibre of
firearm. Where possible, heavy-gauge
tube should be used for barrel or a lighter
gauge suitably reinforced with a second tube
or steel collars. While many tubes will be of
perfectly adequate strength on their own, it
is only common sense to make the tube as
strong as possible, providing the design
of the gun will allow it.

9mm Machine Pistol (file size is 3,913,078-bytes)
Receiver 3D Drawing (file size is 105,693-bytes)
9mm MP Schematic (file size is 148,706-bytes)

A simple "Zip Gun" design


Educate Yourself

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