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Why Americans are so easily controlled and misled.

Why Americans Will

Believe Almost Anything

By Tim O'Shea
Aldous Huxley's inspired 1954 essay detailed the vivid,
mind-expanding, multisensory insights of his mescaline
adventures. By altering his brain chemistry with natural
psychotropics, Huxley tapped into a rich and fluid world
of shimmering, indescribable beauty and power. With
his neurosensory input thus triggered, Huxley was able
to enter that parallel universe described by every mystic
and space captain in recorded history. Whether by
hallucination or epiphany, Huxley sought to remove all
bonds, all controls, all filters, all cultural conditioning
from his perceptions and to confront Nature or the World
or Reality first-hand - in its unpasteurized, unedited,
unretouched infinite rawness.

Those bonds are much harder to break today, half a century
later. We are the most conditioned, programmed beings the
world has ever known. Not only are our thoughts and attitudes
continually being shaped and molded; our very awareness of
the whole design seems like it is being subtly and inexorably
erased. The doors of our perception are carefully and precisely
regulated. Who cares, right?

It is an exhausting and endless task to keep explaining to
people how most issues of conventional wisdom are
scientifically implanted in the public consciousness by
a thousand media clips per day. In an effort to save time,
I would like to provide just a little background on the handling
of information in this country. Once the basic principles are
illustrated about how our current system of media control
arose historically, the reader might be more apt to question
any given story in today's news.

If everybody believes something, it's probably wrong.
We call that


In America, conventional wisdom that has mass acceptance
is usually contrived: somebody paid for it. Examples:

Pharmaceuticals restore health

Vaccination brings immunity

The cure for cancer is just around the corner

Menopause is a disease condition

When a child is sick, he needs immediate antibiotics

When a child has a fever he needs Tylenol

Hospitals are safe and clean.

America has the best health care in the world.

Americans have the best health in the world.

Milk is a good source of calcium.

You never outgrow your need for milk.

Vitamin C is ascorbic acid.

Aspirin prevents heart attacks.

Heart drugs improve the heart.

Back and neck pain are the only reasons for
spinal adjustment.

No child can get into school without being vaccinated.

The FDA thoroughly tests all drugs before they go
on the market.

Pregnancy is a serious medical condition

Infancy is a serious medical condition

Chemotherapy and radiation are effective cures
for cancer

When your child is diagnosed with an ear infection,
antibiotics should be given immediately 'just in case'

Ear tubes are for the good of the child.

Estrogen drugs prevent osteoporosis after menopause.

Pediatricians are the most highly trained of all
medical specialists.

The purpose of the health care industry is health.

HIV is the cause of AIDS.

AZT is the cure.

Without vaccines, infectious diseases will return

Fluoride in the city water protects your teeth

Flu shots prevent the flu.

Vaccines are thoroughly tested before being
placed on the Mandated Schedule.

Doctors are certain that the benefits of vaccines far
outweigh any possible risks.

There is a terrorist threat in the US.

There is a bioterrorist threat in the US.

The NASDAQ is a natural market controlled by
supply and demand.

Chronic pain is a natural consequence of aging.

Soy is your healthiest source of protein.

Insulin shots cure diabetes.

After we take out your gall bladder you can eat
anything you want

Allergy medicine will cure allergies.

An airliner can be flown with professional precision by
a group of crazed amateurs into a 100-story building
and can cause that building to collapse on its own
footprint. Twice.

The Iraqis blew up the World Trade Center.

This is a list of illusions, that have cost billions to conjure
up. Did you ever wonder why most people in this country
generally accept most of the above statements?


Even the most undiscriminating viewer may suspect that
TV newsreaders and news articles are not telling us the
whole story. The slightly more lucid may have begun to
glimpse the calculated intent of standard news content
and are wondering about the reliability and accuracy of
the way events are presented. For the very few who take
time to research beneath the surface of the daily
programming and who are still capable of independent
thought, a somewhat darker picture begins to
emerge. These may perceive bits of evidence of the
profoundly technical science behind much of what is
served up in mass media.

Events taking place in today's world are enormously
complex. An impossibly convoluted tangle of
interrelated and unrelated occurrences happens
simultaneously, often in dynamic conflict. To even
acknowledge this complexity contradicts a
fundamental axiom of media science: Keep It Simple.

In real life, events don't take place in black and
white, but in a thousand shades of grey. Just
discovering the actual facts and events as they
transpire is difficult enough. The river is different
each time we step into it. By the time a reasonable
understanding of an event has been apprehended,
new events have already made that interpretation
obsolete. And this is not even adding historical,
social, or political elements into the mix, which
are necessary for interpretation of events. Popular
media gives up long before this level of analysis.

Media stories cover only the tiniest fraction of
actual events, but stupidly claim to be summarizing
"all the news."

The final goal of media is to create a following of
docile, unquestioning consumers. To that end, three
primary tools have historically been employed:


Over time, the sophistication of these tools of
propaganda has evolved to a very structured science,
taking its cues in an unbroken line from principles
laid down by the Father of Spin himself, Edward L
Bernays, over a century ago, as we will see.

Let's look at each tool very briefly:


Deliberate misrepresentation of fact has always been
the privilege of the directors of mass media. Their
agents - the PR industry - cannot afford random
objective journalism interpreting events as they
actually take place. This would be much too
confusing for the average consumer, who has
been spoonfed his opinions since the day he was
born. No, we can't have that. In all the confusion
the viewer might get the idea that he is supposed
to make up his own mind about the significance
of some event or other. The end product of good
media is single-mindedness. Confusion and
individual interpretation of events do not foster
the homogenized, one-dimensional
lemming outlook.

For this reason, events must have a spin put on
them - an interpretation, a frame of
reference. Subtleties are omitted; all that is
presented is the bottom line. The minute that
decision is made - what spin to put on a story -
we have left the world of reporting and entered
the world of propaganda. By definition, propaganda
replaces faithful reporting with deceitful reporting.

Here's an obvious example: the absurd and
unremitting allegations of Saddam's weapons
of mass destruction as a rationale for the invasion
of Iraq. Of course none were ever found, but that
is irrelevant. We weren't really looking for any
weapons - but the deceit served its purpose -
get us in there. Later the ruse can be abandoned
and forgotten; its usefulness is over. And nobody
will notice. Characterization of Saddam as a
murderous tyrant was decided to be an
insufficient excuse for invading a sovereign
nation. After all, there are literally dozens of
murderous tyrants the world over, going their
merry ways. We can't be expected to police
all of them.

So it was decided that the murderous tyrant
thing, though good, was not enough. To whip
a sleeping people into war consciousness has
historically involved one additional prerequisite:
threat. Saddam must therefore be not only a baby-
killing maniac; he must be a threat to the rest of
the world, especially America. Why? Because he
has weapons of mass destruction. For almost two
years, this myth was assiduously programmed into
the lowest common denominator of awareness
which Americans substitute for consciousness. Even
though the myth has now been openly dismissed
by the Regime itself, the majority of us still believe it.

Hitler used the exact same tack with the Czechs and
Poles at the beginning of his rampage. These peaceful
peoples were not portrayed as an easy mark for the
German war machine - no, they were a threat to the
Fatherland itself. Just like Albania in the Dustin
Hoffman movie. And threats must be removed
by all available force.

With Iraq, the fact that UN inspectors never came
up with any of these dread weapons before
Saddam was captured - this fact was never mentioned
again. That one phrase - WMD WMD WMD -
repeated ad nauseam month after month had served
its purpose - whip the people into war mode. It
didn't have to be true; it just had to work. A
staggering indicator of how low the general
awareness had sunk is that this mantra
continued to be used as our license to invade
Iraq long after our initial assault. If Saddam had
any such weapons, probably a good time to trot
them out would be when a foreign country is
moving in, wouldn't you say?

No weapons were ever found, nor will they be. So
confident was the PR machine in the general
inattention to detail commonly exhibited by the
comatose American people that they didn't even
find it necessary to plant a few mass weapons in
order to justify the invasion. It was almost insulting.

So we see that a little deceit goes a long way. All
it takes is repetition. Lay the groundwork and the
people will buy anything. After that just ride it out
until they seem doubtful again. Then onto
the next deceit.


A second tool that is commonly used to create mass
intellectual torpor is dissimulation. Dissimulation
simply means to pretend not to be something you
are. Like some insects who can disguise themselves
as leaves or twigs, pretending not to be insects. Or
bureaucrats who pretend not to be acting in their own
interest, but rather in the public interest. To pretend not
to be what you are.

Whether it's the Bush league in Iraq or Hitler in
Germany, aggressors do not present themselves as
marauding invaders initiating hostilities, but instead as
defenders against external threats.

Freedom-annihilating edicts like the Homeland
Security Act and the Patriot Act - currently the law of
the land - do not represent themselves as the negation
of every principle the Founding Fathers laid down,
or as shaky pretexts for the Takers to further loot the
country, but rather as public services, benevolent and
necessary new rules to ensure our SECURITY against
various imagined enemies. To pretend to be what you
are not: dissimulation.

Other obvious examples of dissimulation we see
today include:

pretending like the world's oil will not be gone in 35 years

pretending like more and more government will not
further stifle an already struggling economy

pretending like programs favoring "minorities" are not
just another form of racism

pretending like drug laws are necessary for
national security

pretending like passing more and more laws every
year is not geared ultimately for the advancement
of the law enforcement, security, and prison industries

pretending there is a bioterrorist threat in the US today

pretending there is a terrorist threat in the US today

pretending the Bush regime has not benefited from
every program that came out of 9/11

To pretend to be what you are not: dissimulation.


A third tool necessary to media in order to keep the
public from thinking too much is distraction. Bread
and circuses worked for Caesar in old Rome. The
people need to be kept quiet while the small group
in power carries out its agenda, which always involves
fortifying its own position.

All actions of the present Reich since 9/11 may be
explained by plugging in one of four beneficiaries:

War gear
Security systems

Every act, every political event, every public statement
of the present administration has promoted one or more
of these huge sectors. More oil, more drugs, more
weapons, more security.

But the people mustn't be allowed to notice things
like that. So they must be smokescreened by other
stuff , blatant obvious stuff which is really easy to
understand and which they think has a greater
bearing on their day to day life. A classic axiom
of propaganda is that people shouldn't be allowed
to think too much about what the government is
doing in their name. After all, there's more to life
than politics, right? So while the power group has
its cozy little war going on, the people need to have
their attention diverted.

All the strong men of history would have given
their eyeteeth to have at their disposal the number
and types of distractions available to today's regimes:

- TV sports, its orchestrated frenzy and spectacle

- Super Sunday

- an endless succession of unspeakably boring,
inane movies, short on plot, long on CGI

- the wanton sexless flash of MTV with its uninspired
lack of talent, a study in split second phony images

- colossally dull TV programs which serve the
secondary purpose of instilling proper robot
attitudes into people who have little other instruction
in life values

- the artistic Mojave of modern music, with its
soulless cyber-droning, a constant quest for the
nadir of reptilian brain stimulation, devoid of
lyrical competence, instrumental proficiency,
or passion

- the ever-retreating promise of financial success,
switched now to the trappings and toys that suggest
success, available to anyone with a credit card

- organized superstitions of all varieties, with their
requisite pseudo-spiritual trappings

- the constant dramatization of crimes and
"issues" throughout the world whose collective
goal is the humble and grateful acknowledgement
of "how good we've really got it"

- dwelling for months on the minutiae of
unsupported allegations of impropriety,
preferably sexual, of a celebrity personality

With these noisy, banal distractions the forces
promoting the general decline in intelligence
and awareness jubilantly engulf us on all
sides. Media science holds the advantage: as
people get dumber and dumber year by year it
gets easier and easier to keep them dumb. The only
challenge is that their threshold keeps getting
lower. So in order to keep their attention, messages
have to become more obvious and blatant,
taking nothing for granted.

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