Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The American Police State !



By: Tom Rose

A concerned reader who has been attentively observing the "signs
of the times" makes a thoughtful comment and poses some
pertinent questions:

It appears that our police forces in America are changing and
that we are developing into a Police State/Surveillance
Society. What is the traditional model for police forces in
America? Are they in the process of being militarized? If
so, for what reason? How can we reconstruct the
American concept of police?

The answer is yes. The orientation and underlying concept of
police enforcement in America have, indeed, been changing,
but changing so quietly as to be hardly noticeable except by
a few careful observers. The traditional orientation of police
enforcement has been local rather than national. It was the
sheriff, the highest police official in the county, and his
deputies who were unquestioningly in control of maintaining
peace and apprehending law breakers.

Incorporated cities and municipalities have the same local
orientation, but the titles change to chief of police and
policemen on the beat. The general concept used to be
that law enforcement was applied by the sheriff’s deputy
or policeman on the beat right where problems occurred. This
historic view has changed because of political pressures
and monetary influences from the national level of
. But even now the sheriff, as the highest-
ranking police officer in the county, still has authority to tell
federal agencies and their SWAT teams (FBI, BATF, DEA,
IRS, and federal marshals) how they must conduct themselves
in his county. Sadly, very few sheriffs have the intestinal fortitude
to buck the evolving national-statist system because doing so
might threaten their careers or their standing with federal
agencies on whom they have become financially dependent.

In recent years in America, black-masked government
SWAT teams ( also paid thugs) have increasingly
appeared on the scene (BATF, FBI, DEA, federal
marshals, and joint-task forces). Today, only the
unaware feel safe.

Some very keen observers and excellent students of
history regard the so-called "terrorist attack" of 9/11,
and Hurricane Katrina with its disturbing aftermath, as
likely "putsches" meant to generate chaos for justifying
the imposition of Martial Law, the disarming of Americans,
and the birth of a full-blown Police State in America.

A frightening thought? Certainly! But take heed to a timely
warning: As I carefully watch the outworking of both 9/11 and
Hurricane Katrina, I see too many signs that Americans
are being psychologically conditioned to accept a
Police State!
The growing use of masked government SWAT
teams is an early warning signal of the erection of a Police
State designed to rule over a frightened and compliant
citizenry who have been conditioned to value the illusory
promise of "security from terrorism" more than liberty and
individual self-responsibility. The irony is that the so-called
"terrorists" against whom we are to be protected are more
likely to be found within our own government than in
foreign countries!

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