Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jewish Media Corrupts Young Girls

Jewish media loves to pervert young girls. Below are photos
of one of their most brazen In your face perversions.

How many teen girls were corrupted by this ?


By Rev. Ted Pike
6 May 08

Christian/conservative watchdog groups are sounding the alarm
against unprecedented TV sex and profanity now luring girls aged
12-17. The CW television network’s Gossip Girls show, according
to Parents TV Council:

…glamorizes casual sex and drug use among teens…There
has been a prolonged, graphic sex scene between two
teenaged characters…drugs and drinking are presented as
glamorous, easy to obtain, and part of everyday life…
Storylines have featured…threesomes among teens and
teenage girls having sex with adults. Also included have
been multiple scenes of teens drinking, smoking pot and
having sex…Parents on this series are also portrayed as
distant, uncaring, and are depicted as using their children
for personal gain and not seeming concerned about their
welfare or happiness.

CW’s new ad campaign features print and web ads—one in which
a teen boy kisses an actress’s cleavage. These ads feature huge letters
across an erotic image; the letters read either OMG (“Oh, my God!”)
or OMFG—the translation of which is unprintable! CW uses such
messages to impact girls at least as young as 12.

But there’s something Christian “watchdog” groups will not tell
you. There’s a religious motivation behind this attack. CBS and
Warner Bros., partners in CWTV, are Jewish media giants. CBS,
founded by William S. Paley (Palinski) in 1928, has always been
under control of strongly pro-Zionist Jews, including present owner
Sumner Redstone (Murray Rothstein). The owner of CBS until
1995 was a devoutly Orthodox Jew, Laurence Tisch. He required
all top CBS Jewish executives to meet with him every Monday
morning in his executive suite to study the Babylonian Talmud. They
were spiritually invigorated by the Talmud’s exaltation of Jews and
venomous hatred of Jesus, Christians, and Gentiles. Such Talmudic
bias has encouraged even secular Jewish executives and producers
of CBS, Jewish-founded ABC and NBC, and Hollywood to mastermind
subversion of America ’s Christian values. (See, Jews Confirm Big
Media Is Jewish
and watch Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance
on Google)

CW’s other Jewish partner, Warner Bros., in all its diversifications,
also pushes premarital sex, homosexuality, profanity, drugs,
violence and occultism on America ’s youth.

Anemic Protest from Christians

The brazen aggression of CW to corrupt what should be most
protected—the morals and virginity of precious teenage girls—is
astonishing. The opposite extreme holds another incredible reality:
Christian groups refuse to identify such corruptors as Jewish, for
fear of being labeled anti-Semitic. Yet, if Christians were to make
the Jewish origins of media anti-Christianity known, it would
pressure the Jewish community to restrain their brethren. further quotes Melissa Henson of Parents
Television Council: “It certainly seems as if they keep reaching
for the bottom of the barrel…I think it’s extremely disappointing
that they would resort to these tactics to lure young viewers.”

Disappointing? Melissa, did you really have any hope that the Jewish
media would not disappoint? The truth is, the Gossip Girls' agenda
of bringing sex to increasingly younger girls is just for starters. The
history of the Jewish media's moral manipulation of society over the
past 45 years is one of progressive degeneracy. Before Talmudic
media moguls like Laurence Tisch are done, will the Jewish media
be promoting sex with 3-year-old baby girls? That’s the age at
which, according to the Talmud (modern Judaism’s highest legal and
religious authority), sex between the local rabbi and little girls
can begin.

You don’t believe it? Below are some of the frequent Talmudic
passages which justify as Halacha, or binding Jewish law, the
right of rabbis to copulate with 3-year-old baby girls. In these
passages you’ll find pederasty sanctioned by Simeon ben Yohai
and Rabbi Meir, two of the four or five greatest sages of the
Talmud. No rabbinical synod in the last 1800 years has nullified
their authority. For observant Jews the authority of the earliest
sages far exceeds that of Moses and the prophets.
(See, Pedophilia: The Talmud's Dirty Secret)

The Jewish media monsters are just getting started in their depraving
of America . The bottom of their Talmudic barrel descends far lower
than you can imagine.

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