Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Will You Be A Guest In One Of George W's Detention Camps ?

by Ed Martin

George Bush is building detention camps. Their purpose is "to support
the rapid development of new programs," without specifying just what
those "new programs" might be. But, read on to see if programs Bush
already has in place are the ones he's planning on using to put you in
one of those camps.

The following contains quotations, information, and is based on material
used directly and paraphrased from an excellent article by Christopher
Ketcham on Information Clearing House and from Radar Magazine.

In the spring of 2007, a retired senior official in the U. S. Justice
department sat before Congress and told a story so odd and ominous,
it could have sprung from the pages of a pulp political thriller. It was
about a principled bureaucrat struggling to protect his country from a
highly classified program with sinister implications. Rife with high drama,
it included a car chase through the streets of Washington, D. C. and a
tense meeting at the White House, where the president's henchmen
made the bureaucrat so nervous that he demanded a neutral witness
be present.

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