Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Media Cover Up In The Jewish Dungeon Master Case

Look at what Is at the bottom of the stairs. Stars of David
on the dungeon walls !

Josef Fritzel Is not a Nazi as some Kosher media morons
claimed. Remember Austria Is supposed to feel guilty
over Nazism In It's past. That's what
the Kosher media shrieked.

Austrians are told they must worry about their
Image now. Why should they ? Because some pervert
Zionist rapes his daughter and Imprisons their
kids. Jews are the ones who have Image damage control
to do. Not Austrians .

Here Is the Zionist media dragging out the
Nazis again -,,2-10-1462_2315407,00.html

Hitler even had to be brought up ! Jews seem
to be unable to get enough of Hitler-

Look at his neck, a golden Star of David necklace !

More on the media cover up-

The dungeon had the Star of David on It's walls !-

A Jewish pervert who wears the Star of
David. Who Imprisons and rapes his daughter for
24 years, then blames Nazis and Hitler. If
this case wasn't so disturbing, It would sound like
a standard Hollyweird movie plot. But Zionist
Hollyweird would cast a Christian as Fritzel of course.

Fritzel Is not a Nazi, he Is Jewish.

As usual the media Kosher clowns are lying.

Any and all misdeeds by Jews are forbidden to be
known by"Goyim",That Is the Zionists rule .

Talk about Nazi's and bringing up Hitler
Is their favorite damage control tactic.

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