Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Zionist Occupied America

If you're offended, wake the up ! Who do you think
destroyed our nation and destroyed our way of life. Who
do you think sucks the wealth from you like a leech. who do
you think brings In illegals to take your jobs for far less
pay. And guess what uppity yuppie America, It just Isn't poor
uneducated southern Whites or ghetto Blacks mad about
losing employment ,as you repeatedly stereotype.Your cute
little I.T. job may be heading to India at any moment, sayonara
to your 5$ a cup Starbucks cappuccino and "hip" lifestyle. America
gets poorer while they get richer. year by year more freedoms
are taken from you. They say so you'll be safe, yet they treat
you like a subhuman prisoner.Look who was behind 9-11, they
are also behind the American Police state. This Zionist government
laughs at the American peoples grievances. Do you
ever think they'll fix anything ? They never fix anything but
promise every 4 years they will. How much of this Bullshit
will the American people take ?Is this the nation you really
want your children to Inherit. But as long as half of Americans
are obsessed with MTV=Moronic Television, all Is just lovely
and nice In their eyes. Meanwhile we are getting poorer, our
nation Is being overrun Intentionally with Illegals, our
Infrastructure decays, and our freedoms Increasingly get
taken away.

Who did this to America?

It wasn't Arabs or Persians, It was the Zionist Jew. Aided by
their "Christian" Evangelist Zionist Jew worshipers.

Are you angry yet ? Because you didn't waste
any time when you thought Muslims were
attacking you !

They have you hating the Arab,Persian and all Muslims
while they destroy America from within.

If you don't want your children living In an America, where
they are treated like Palestinians. You better start getting
pissed at your true enemy.

If you didn't know this, you need to turn off the dis-info
Zionist Jew media and learn to think for yourself.

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