Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Farrakhan On Jewish Racism Towards Blacks

I may not agree with his philosophies. But
since he speaks the truth on a subject, that we do
agree on. I will post his views on Jewish racism.

Louis Farrakhan?

Farrakhan on -

Jewish Racism

Jewish racism towards Blacks -

Quotes and Facts

Current Events

See what the Zionist hate mongers In their
typical smear tactic manner, say about -

Malcolm X

The Nation Of Islam

And this Is what they think of helping Blacks-

When Whites Fight For Blacks

Well who was It that taught Blacks to
despise Whites during the hijacked
"Civil Rights " cause ? Jews.

And now you're complaining of Black
racial animosity ! You Idiots now see that
It doesn't matter If you have a skullcap
or not, only If you're skin Is White.

White skin but Jewish = no difference
to Blacks.

Now Jews are receiving the racial
animosity that they Inflamed In the
"Civil Rights"movement, and now
It's considered a problem. No, It's not
a problem, just the chickens coming
home to roost. You Jews Inflamed
Black racial hatred towards Whites.

Now you can deal with It , you
reap what you sow.

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