Sunday, May 18, 2008

Way To Win "Hearts And Minds" Zionist USA !

the case of Ali Abbas, then 12 years of age and formerly of the village
of Zafaraniya, which is 30 miles from Baghdad, and his deceased family:
his mother who was six months pregnant, his father, brother and at
least 10 other relatives. It has been reported that, just after midnight
on 30 March 2003 and 10 days into "Operation Iraqi Freedom", a weapon
or two weapons exploded.

We had all gone to bed and there was this loud noise and smoke. I felt very scared and I was in much pain. I kept shouting for my mother. I did not know at the time what had happened to her.

A photograph taken in hospital in Baghdad shows that Ali was burned
across his trunk and that his hands and forearms were incinerated. His
head, neck, abdomen and legs were unblemished. Examination of this
photograph shows this boy was subjected to the most intense radiated
heat – not contact heat.

Examination of this picture shows Ali Abbas was subjected
to radiated heat

Ali Abbas survived but his entire family were burnt
by the Americans

Is It any wonder why America Is so hated now? It
has created a real war "of" terror. When people
like Ali lose their entire family to Zionist
American aggression and terror. Do you
not believe they will fight back. Ali If he
was physically capable, might have
just strapped on a bomb vest, and
attacked Zionist American troops
one day.

They took his family, so could you
blame him ? This Idiotic war creates
terrorism, It creates the hatred of
America. It Is not as clear cut
as the Idiot "decider" proclaimed-
Us vs the evil doers. Especially
when Bushes elective war Is
killing families and making life
miserable for Iraqis.

How does It elude some Americans that
under these conditions, Iraqis fight
back. But they are not called freedom
fighters by the West. They are called

If your family was killed, If your lively
hood was destroyed, and If your
Nation was occupied. Wouldn't you
resist by any means necessary ?

I know If China Invaded and occupied
America. The same people who support the
occupation of Iraq wouldn't sit idly. So how can
you condemn Iraqis or Palestinians
for doing what you yourself would
do ?

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