Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The America In Which Our Politicians Created

By Odessa

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I pledge allegiance to the Flag
of the Corporate Zionist States of America,
and to the Republic of greed for which it stands:
a multi-cultural Nation under atheism, divisible,
With Liberty and Justice for none but the elites.

Does Anybody else ever ask what the hell happened to
America ? It would seem not.Too many have become
too self absorbed into their own little world of creature
comforts. Does It not matter that we now have an out of
control Government that attempts to micromanage every
aspect of our lives?We earn less,work more and get taxed
more and all Is just hunky dory for those who have a
Minivan and a nice McMansion with a three car
garage. Nevermind the fact that your credit Is nearly
maxed out, your job may be outsourced to China or India
at a moments notice. Then what ? Try getting another high
paying Job with a market that Is depressed by the hordes of
Illegal Aliens and Immigrants brought here by
Corporations for cheap labor . And to think you sacrificed
having a family or neglected the one you have for an
unappreciative employer. One that will dispose of you
at the drop of a dime If It's cost effective.

What most Americans have become today.

Does It not bother you that we now have a growing police
state in the works ? We now have SWAT teams which act
like the Gestapo ready to smash Into your home At a
moments notice. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear you
say ? Well thanks to George W, they now do not need any
proof to violate your rights. All they need Is an accusation
from a neighbor or the fact that you are "Different" and
therefore suspicious. We have Cops arresting children In
kindergartens , cops using tasers over every little thing and
actually murdering citizens. But It's alright to the sheeple
that Americans have become. As long as they are protecting
them from Osama Bin Laden,who could also be known as
Americas Emmanuel Goldstein. How convenient his taped
messages pop up when the State needs a distraction from
It's failures.


Americans For the most part have gotten so afraid of
their own shadows, thank you Corporate media. You
Have now turned most of Americans Into a fear induced
population of chickens without heads. Most do not even
think anymore, just overreact and do whatever the
manipulative Government advises ! Do you really
think the Government Has your Interest In
mind ? They stand for the Global Zionist Elites. What
Nation that had It's peoples Interests at heart would
treat them as prisoners to board an Airplane, have
Police checkpoints on Highways, And encourage
neighbors to spy on neighbors ? Sound like Nazi
Germany or the Soviet Union ? No America today !

Do you think they would tell you the truth ?

And then most Americans have been blinded by the media
to believe the exact opposite. When will you people get
It ? The Media Is State owned via the Corporations that
own and have hijacked our Government. It Is no longer
that our politicians serve us, but their Zionist Corporate
masters who buy them through lobbyists. The media
means the opposite of all It says. It will tell you that
we are the most free people In the World, never mind
we cannot travel without Identification or being
searched. or the fact that we must deal with aggressive
police looking to arrest or cite anybody for anything. They
will tell you we are a strong united nation, Never mind
that we have evolved Into a Nation of squabbling ethnic
tribes, this was accomplished purposely through the 1965
Immigration act and unrestricted Illegal Mexican
Immigration. They will tell you we are strong
economically, yet our Industrial and Technology
jobs keep going overseas. Top that off
with Illegals taking every job for below minimum
wages, who will businesses hire ? Illegals and third
world Immigrants who will work for less as they are
accustomed to less. Kiss your standard of living and
the American dream goodbye. Do you really think your
Corporate Media masters would tell you this ? Do you
want to really leave your children a future worse than
what you had ? An Impoverished third world America.

Our Infrastructure Is collapsing, Yet we can fight a
never ending Middle East adventure for Israel. Iran
will undoubtedly be next as the mindless media rants
about the grave threat It poses to America. Never mind
America spends more on weaponry than all the world
Combined !!!

Top this off with the fact that Americans can no longer
have an Intelligent debate. We have become a Nation of
Name calling children, what passes as a debate Is now
an exchange of yelling and Insults. No wonder America
cannot see what Is happening when It has methodically
and purposely been dumbed down. A Nation of educated
fools from uneducated schools. But It's alright as long as
most Americans can catch American Idol tonight or
follow some superficial Hollywood sluts latest moronic
adventures though. Wake up people ! It Is the 11th hour
and most of you are still asleep.

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