Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Useful Idiots Are Protesting Again !

Anti-White Pig-a.k.a Al Sharpton

I see the useful Idiots were at It again yesterday ! For those of you
who do not know, Useful Idiots are those who are used to promote
goals different than what they believe (Pawns of the elite). Al
Sharpton Is out whining about lack of "Hate" crime persecutions
even though these so-called"Hate" crimes are decreasing. What
do you want MORON !!! Do all White males need to worry about
being persecuted now to fill"Hate" crime persecution quotas !!??

Goddamn you should be happy Whites aren't out beating Blacks, but
this is Is what your handlers bankroll you to Incite. Because
more and more Whites are sick of you and Jesse and your races
whining. So you hope to encourage White on Black Incidents, Get
wall to wall mainstream Idiot news coverage, then say "I told you
So". In fact If you read the FBI crime statistics(Lazy Leftists
go visit the DOJ site yourself, you morons always whine for
proof, Do some research yourselves for a change, Huh !) The
Black race assaults Whites far more than vice versa.

But Al and Jesse (Dumb&Dumber) will have you believe
Whites the ones who are truly racially and ethnically
oppressed, are the evil racist haters. Christ ! Don't believe
me look at the Idiot box, the newspapers, and schools. Any
White who Is proud of their heritage or stands up for
themselves, IS RACIST !!!! By the way Al, Who Is the
race always getting a pass at Insulting Whites ? Who
Is the Race that rapes and dismembers White women
such as Channon Christian In Knoxville, Tennessee ? The
Niggers ! And let's not even start with the automatic
jobs you get by the government for being Black. You get
your Asses kissed and wiped, but Is that enough for
you people ? Fuck no ! You want It all and then some.

And If you think Nigger Is racist, Fuck you ! You Idiots walk
around calling each other It all day, yet It's okay. A White
woman and her boyfriend are anally raped and dismembered
by a feral pack of your race and where's the uproar ? You hate
Whites and you know the Liberal White cowards will support you
In the media and attempt to cow the rest of Whites. But your day
and your races is fast approaching the day of reckoning. Enjoy
the gravy train while you can Al, Whites are sick of you and your
people. As are Mexicans, Who are pushing your people out of Los
Angelos and every city they Immigrate to. Keep rousing your
unemployed and uneducated hired protesters of the moment, to
the coming ethnic civil war the elites planned and crave
for. You and yours will lose !

An excellent book by the
Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, It
shows how goons such as Al and
Jesse use their people as pawns

Their real Interest Is to keep
the Black race dumb and blind, so
they can enrich themselves

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson:
furthest thing from a
Nigger, as he
Is an educated
Black male. But to the
Elites and the race
hucksters, he
Is an "Uncle
Tom". Maybe If the majority

of Black leaders were like
Peterson, Race
relations would
be significantly better. But

Al and Jesse believe his way Is
wrong and
Blacks should just
blame "Whitey"and preach

hatred towards Whites.

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