Thursday, November 22, 2007

Al Sharpton and the so-called spike In "Hate Crimes"

Racial Bias

In 2005, law enforcement agencies reported that 4,691
hate crime
offenses were racially motivated.

Racial Bias

In 2006, law enforcement agencies reported that 4,737
single-bias hate crime offenses were racially motivated.

*2007 not available

A whopping surge of 46 since 2005-2006!

Go to and see for yourself

Race Huckster and Leftist Favorite:
The Anti-White pig Al Sharpton.

Al Sharpton Is an Anti-White Pig, He hate Whites and
wants more persecuted. This piece of trash will not
rest until "Hate Crime" persecutions against Whites
Increase for the sake of Increasing. The media If
they had any sense would Ignore Sharpton(But
we all know the media adores Anti-White
swine). What credibility does he have ? Especially after
every White male In New York was accused of raping
Tawana Brawley. It turned out that the rape was
a hoax, cooked up by a lying teenage whore. Hoping
to escape punishment by her parents being out all
night. But not before bigmouth Al created another
race card sideshow.

And Al you should watch what you wish for. You
want "Hate Crime " persecutions to be more
vigilant. But do you recall Crown Heights ?
Your Comments In the Freddie's Fashion
Mart Fiasco ? Your comments at
Kean College ? By your own definition
you are a "Hate Criminal", but you Damn
well know you can hide behind your skin color. As
long as the White elitist liberals who adore you
protect you. But In the end all men reap what
they sow. And A hypocrite like Al could end
up a "Hate Criminal" one day too, Just keep
on fighting for free speech censorship Al. One
day you could be silenced and Imprisoned as well.

Al Sharpton's famous Anti-White and
Jewish moments: This Is hate speech
and "Hate Crimes" by Al's and the
Lefts own definition. But as we see
Al gets a pass because he's black.

Crown Heights Riot

The Crown Heights Riot began on August 19, 1991, after a
car, part of a procession led by an unmarked police car, fell
behind the rest of the motorcade and sped through a red
light to catch up. The car, whose driver was Jewish, was
struck by another vehicle and ran onto the sidewalk, where
it struck and killed a seven-year-old Guyanese boy named
Gavin Cato and severely injured his cousin Angela. One of
the factors that sparked the riot was the arrival of a
private ambulance which, on the orders of a police
officer worried for the Jewish driver's safety, removed
the uninjured driver from the scene while Cato lay pinned
under his car.[41] Cato and his cousin were treated soon
after by a city ambulance. Caribbean-American and
African-American residents of the neighborhood rioted
for four consecutive days fueled by rumors that the
private ambulance had refused to treat Cato.[41][42]
During the riot blacks looted stores,[41] beat Jews in
the street,[41] and clashed with groups of Jews, hurling
rocks and bottles at one another [43] after Yankel
Rosenbaum, a visiting student from Australia, was
stabbed and killed by a member of a mob shouting
"Kill the Jew."[44] Sharpton, who arranged a rally
Crown Heights after Cato's death,[41] has been
by some commentators as inflaming tensions
by making
remarks that included "If the Jews want
to get it on,
tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and
come over to
my house"[45] and referring to Jews as

Freddie's Fashion Mart

Sharpton told the protesters, "We will not stand by
and allow them to move this brother so that some white
interloper can expand his business."

Kean College

Sharpton was quoted as saying to an audience at
Kean College
in 1994 that, “White folks was in caves
while we was building
empires ... We taught philosophy
and astrology and mathematics
before Socrates and
them Greek homos ever got around to

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