Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Jewish War On Terror Hoax

The War On Terror Is A Jewish Hoax

By Brother Nathanael Kapner - Copyright © 2008

ONLY THE JEWS have benefited from the War On Terror. The
Jewish Neocons within the Bush Administration promoted it
to serve their Zionist agenda. The War On Terror has served
to only destroy our liberties at home and to push us into
unnecessary wars abroad where no Jewish soldiers fight.

Long before 9-11 the Jewish Neocons had been arguing for
regime changes throughout the Middle East using military
force beginning in Iraq. This planwas designed to establish
a Pax Americana/Israeliana. But this Zionist plan has proven
to be a fiasco given Middle East realities as evinced in Iraq.

Here Are The Jews Who Created The
War On Terror

-William Kristol- Founder of the Jew “Think Tank” Project for
the New American Century (PNAC). Kristol is the son of
Irving Kristol who is called the “Godfather of the Jewish
Neocon Movement.”

Kristol was the main signatory of the September 2000 PNAC
letter, Rebuilding America’s Defenses endorsing President
Bush’s “admirable commitment to lead the world to victory
in the War Against Terrorism.” David Corn, current writer
for the Congressional Quarterly, calls Kristol “the No. 1
cheerleader for the Iraq war” Here.

-Lewis “Scooter” Libby- Chief promoter of the War On
Here when Assistant to President Bush from 2001-
2005. Libby resigned after he was indicted on federal
obstruction and perjury charges in a Grand Jury investigation
into the Plame Affair regarding the Iraq War.

Libby was sentenced to 30 months in prison on felony
counts with regard to the criminality of the War In Iraq
Here. But Bush, beholden to the Jewish Lobby which got
him elected, commuted Libby’s sentence and he got off

-Paul Wolfowitz- US Deputy Secretary of Defense under
President Bush from 2001-2005. Wolfowitz is best known
as one of the “architects” of the war against Iraq in which
not a single Jewish young man or woman has fought or died.

Wolfowitz is also known for his infamous quote when Deputy
Secretary of Defense
: “Intelligence about terrorism is
inherently murky and the U.S. must be prepared to act on
less-than-perfect information”

-Douglas Feith- Feith served as the Under Secretary of
Defense for Policy
under President Bush from 2001-2005.

In 1999, Feith’s Jewish law firm, Feith & Zell, formed an
alliance with the Israel-based law firm, Zell, Goldberg & Co,
whose clients included the major military contractors,
Lockheed & Northrop Grumman. What a nice nest egg
for Feith to feed while promoting the War On Terror!

Feith’s new book, War and Decision, in his attempt to justify
the Iraq War, provides excerpts of documents revealing that
the US Department of Defense was calling for Bush to focus
not on taking down the Al-Qaeda network but on establishing
“new regimes” throughout the Middle East Here.

This is just one more proof that Jews are not interested in
their contrived “War On Terrorism” but rather on how it can
further own their selfish interests. Indeed, Jews admit that
when it comes to preserving their existence then all morals
and ethics are irrelevant Here.

-Abraham Shulsky- Protégée of the Jewish Neocon Richard
Pearle. He was appointed head of the US
Department Of
“Office of Special Plans” which was created for him
by his Jewish buddy Wolfowitz. It was this office that supplied
the fraudulent intelligence of “secret Iraqi nuclear weapons”
that was used by the Bush administration to justify the War
in Iraq
Here & Here.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Why Jews Fear Putin

By Brother Nathanael Kapner - Copyright © 2008

THE JEWISH CONTROLLED American media paints Russia’s
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as an evil demagogue.

Here is an example from Time Magazine’s A Tzar Is Born December
2007 article:

“No one is born with a stare like Vladimir Putin’s. His pale blue eyes
are so devoid of emotion that the stare must have begun as someone
who understood that power might be achieved by the suppression of
ordinary needs, like blinking.

Putin is unmistakably Russian with chiseled facial features and those
penetrating eyes. One senses that Putin pays constant obeisance to
a determined inner discipline. He is a believer and often reads the

The Jewish owned Wall Street Journal also recently published
The Perils Of Putinism
scorning Putin for preserving “order and
stability” which the Jewish Media works against. The Jewish ‘political
scientist’ Arnold Beichman published an article under the same title
on Hoover Digest comparing Putin to Ivan the Terrible Here.

But Vladimir Putin knows all about the Jews. That is why in a November
2007 speech to Russian Military Cadets he said:

“There are those who would like to build a unipolar world who
would like to rule all of humanity themselves.” Here.

Full article can be viewed at the link below-

Way To Win "Hearts And Minds" Zionist USA !

the case of Ali Abbas, then 12 years of age and formerly of the village
of Zafaraniya, which is 30 miles from Baghdad, and his deceased family:
his mother who was six months pregnant, his father, brother and at
least 10 other relatives. It has been reported that, just after midnight
on 30 March 2003 and 10 days into "Operation Iraqi Freedom", a weapon
or two weapons exploded.

We had all gone to bed and there was this loud noise and smoke. I felt very scared and I was in much pain. I kept shouting for my mother. I did not know at the time what had happened to her.

A photograph taken in hospital in Baghdad shows that Ali was burned
across his trunk and that his hands and forearms were incinerated. His
head, neck, abdomen and legs were unblemished. Examination of this
photograph shows this boy was subjected to the most intense radiated
heat – not contact heat.

Examination of this picture shows Ali Abbas was subjected
to radiated heat

Ali Abbas survived but his entire family were burnt
by the Americans

Is It any wonder why America Is so hated now? It
has created a real war "of" terror. When people
like Ali lose their entire family to Zionist
American aggression and terror. Do you
not believe they will fight back. Ali If he
was physically capable, might have
just strapped on a bomb vest, and
attacked Zionist American troops
one day.

They took his family, so could you
blame him ? This Idiotic war creates
terrorism, It creates the hatred of
America. It Is not as clear cut
as the Idiot "decider" proclaimed-
Us vs the evil doers. Especially
when Bushes elective war Is
killing families and making life
miserable for Iraqis.

How does It elude some Americans that
under these conditions, Iraqis fight
back. But they are not called freedom
fighters by the West. They are called

If your family was killed, If your lively
hood was destroyed, and If your
Nation was occupied. Wouldn't you
resist by any means necessary ?

I know If China Invaded and occupied
America. The same people who support the
occupation of Iraq wouldn't sit idly. So how can
you condemn Iraqis or Palestinians
for doing what you yourself would
do ?

Who Owns America ? The Rothschilds

The Rothschild NWO elites
Here Is exactly who owns the Federal Reserve.And It Isn't
the U.S. government.

N.M. Rothschild , London - Bank of England
| |
| J. Henry Schroder

| Banking | Corp.
| |
Brown, Shipley - Morgan Grenfell - Lazard - |
& Company & Company Brothers |
| | | |
--------------------| -------| | |
| | | | | |
Alex Brown - Brown Bros. - Lord Mantagu - Morgan et Cie -- Lazard ---|
& Son | Harriman Norman | Paris Bros |
| | / | N.Y. |
| | | | | |
| Governor, Bank | J.P. Morgan Co -- Lazard ---|
| of England / N.Y. Morgan Freres |
| 1924-1938 / Guaranty Co. Paris |
| / Morgan Stanley Co. | /
| / | \Schroder Bank
| / | Hamburg/Berlin
| / Drexel & Company /
| / Philadelphia /
| / /
| / Lord Airlie
| / /
| / M. M. Warburg Chmn J. Henry Schroder
| | Hamburg --------- marr. Virginia F. Ryan
| | | grand-daughter of Otto
| | | Kahn of Kuhn Loeb Co.
| | |
| | |
Lehman Brothers N.Y -------------- Kuhn Loeb Co. N. Y.
| | --------------------------
| | | |
| | | |
Lehman Brothers - Mont. Alabama Solomon Loeb Abraham Kuhn
| | __|______________________|_________
Lehman-Stern, New Orleans Jacob Schiff/Theresa Loeb Nina Loeb/Paul Warburg
------------------------- | | |
| | Mortimer Schiff James Paul Warburg
_____________|_______________/ |
| | | | |
Mayer Lehman | Emmanuel Lehman \
| | | \
Herbert Lehman Irving Lehman \
| | | \
Arthur Lehman \ Phillip Lehman John Schiff/Edith Brevoort Baker
/ | Present Chairman Lehman Bros
/ Robert Owen Lehman Kuhn Loeb - Granddaughter of
/ | George F. Baker
| / |
| / |
| / Lehman Bros Kuhn Loeb (1980)
| / |
| / Thomas Fortune Ryan
| | |
| | |
Federal Reserve Bank Of New York |
|||||||| |
______National City Bank N. Y. |
| | |
| National Bank of Commerce N.Y ---|
| | \
| Hanover National Bank N.Y. \
| | \
| Chase National Bank N.Y. \
| |
| |
Shareholders - National City Bank - N.Y. |
----------------------------------------- |
| /
James Stillman /
Elsie m. William Rockefeller /
Isabel m. Percy Rockefeller /
William Rockefeller Shareholders - National Bank of Commerce N. Y.
J. P. Morgan -----------------------------------------------
M.T. Pyne Equitable Life - J.P. Morgan
Percy Pyne Mutual Life - J.P. Morgan
J.W. Sterling H.P. Davison - J. P. Morgan
NY Trust/NY Edison Mary W. Harriman
Shearman & Sterling A.D. Jiullard - North British Merc. Insurance
| Jacob Schiff
| Thomas F. Ryan
| Paul Warburg
| Levi P. Morton - Guaranty Trust - J. P. Morgan
Shareholders - First National Bank of N.Y.
J.P. Morgan
George F. Baker
George F. Baker Jr.
Edith Brevoort Baker
US Congress - 1946-64
Shareholders - Hanover National Bank N.Y.
James Stillman
William Rockefeller
Shareholders - Chase National Bank N.Y.
George F. Baker

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

60 Years Of Hell On Earth

Palestinians will not celebrate 60
years of Zionist occupation-

Why We're Not Celebrating 'Israel'

60 Years - Palestinians Mourn Loss Of Homeland

An average day for Palestinians-

Zionist Jews Bulldoze Orchards, Farms

Zionist Jews Imprison 100s Of Children

Zionist Jews Cause Gaza Health Care Collapse

Zionist Jews In Tank Decapitate Mother, Take Kids

Israeli Jews Block Fuel - Gaza Bakeries Close

Brave Zionists Raid Orphanage, Steal Sewing Equip

Jewish Settlers Kill Man Playing Squash

Zionist Jews Kill 9, Injure 35, Destroy 23 Homes

Gaza Situation Worse Than Ever

Jewish Troops Kill Mom In Front Of Kids

Zionist Jews Deny Water To Gazans

Zionist Jews Block Borders: 145 Patients Dead

How Zionist Jews Teach People 'Who Is Boss'

Zionist Jews Force UN To Stop Gaza Food Aid

Zionist Jews Shoot Farmer Dead, Destroy Homes, 2 Farms

April - Zionists Kill 69 (36 Women & Kids) Kidnap 127

Zionist Jews Torture Gaza Residents With Severe Shortages

60 Years Of Palestinian Genocide By Israel

Why Isn't America or Bush pushing for
regime change against Israel ? Zionists
control the American government, that
Is why.

"Every time we do something you tell me America
will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell
you something very clear: Don't worry about
American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish
people, control America, and the Americans know it.
- Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001.

Zionist Occupied America

If you're offended, wake the up ! Who do you think
destroyed our nation and destroyed our way of life. Who
do you think sucks the wealth from you like a leech. who do
you think brings In illegals to take your jobs for far less
pay. And guess what uppity yuppie America, It just Isn't poor
uneducated southern Whites or ghetto Blacks mad about
losing employment ,as you repeatedly stereotype.Your cute
little I.T. job may be heading to India at any moment, sayonara
to your 5$ a cup Starbucks cappuccino and "hip" lifestyle. America
gets poorer while they get richer. year by year more freedoms
are taken from you. They say so you'll be safe, yet they treat
you like a subhuman prisoner.Look who was behind 9-11, they
are also behind the American Police state. This Zionist government
laughs at the American peoples grievances. Do you
ever think they'll fix anything ? They never fix anything but
promise every 4 years they will. How much of this Bullshit
will the American people take ?Is this the nation you really
want your children to Inherit. But as long as half of Americans
are obsessed with MTV=Moronic Television, all Is just lovely
and nice In their eyes. Meanwhile we are getting poorer, our
nation Is being overrun Intentionally with Illegals, our
Infrastructure decays, and our freedoms Increasingly get
taken away.

Who did this to America?

It wasn't Arabs or Persians, It was the Zionist Jew. Aided by
their "Christian" Evangelist Zionist Jew worshipers.

Are you angry yet ? Because you didn't waste
any time when you thought Muslims were
attacking you !

They have you hating the Arab,Persian and all Muslims
while they destroy America from within.

If you don't want your children living In an America, where
they are treated like Palestinians. You better start getting
pissed at your true enemy.

If you didn't know this, you need to turn off the dis-info
Zionist Jew media and learn to think for yourself.

Media Cover Up In The Jewish Dungeon Master Case

Look at what Is at the bottom of the stairs. Stars of David
on the dungeon walls !

Josef Fritzel Is not a Nazi as some Kosher media morons
claimed. Remember Austria Is supposed to feel guilty
over Nazism In It's past. That's what
the Kosher media shrieked.

Austrians are told they must worry about their
Image now. Why should they ? Because some pervert
Zionist rapes his daughter and Imprisons their
kids. Jews are the ones who have Image damage control
to do. Not Austrians .

Here Is the Zionist media dragging out the
Nazis again -,,2-10-1462_2315407,00.html

Hitler even had to be brought up ! Jews seem
to be unable to get enough of Hitler-

Look at his neck, a golden Star of David necklace !

More on the media cover up-

The dungeon had the Star of David on It's walls !-

A Jewish pervert who wears the Star of
David. Who Imprisons and rapes his daughter for
24 years, then blames Nazis and Hitler. If
this case wasn't so disturbing, It would sound like
a standard Hollyweird movie plot. But Zionist
Hollyweird would cast a Christian as Fritzel of course.

Fritzel Is not a Nazi, he Is Jewish.

As usual the media Kosher clowns are lying.

Any and all misdeeds by Jews are forbidden to be
known by"Goyim",That Is the Zionists rule .

Talk about Nazi's and bringing up Hitler
Is their favorite damage control tactic.